RPGaDay: Day 19 – Learning?

As I rub my fingerless gloves together in glee, I present today’s question: best way to learn a new game? Caveat: your mileage may vary when it comes to my answer, or any of the answers you might see today from the rest of the community. This is definitely an area where you will learn what works best for you. When you do, go with it!

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RPGaDay: Day 16 – Historical Figure to Play With?

Day 16 brings us a slightly sillier question: what historical figured would you like to play with and what game? A particularly challenging question for me, as I don’t generally thing in these terms. That said, I’m going to go with the first historical figure I have a fondness for that comes to my mind…Abraham Lincoln!

Abe is known for prosecuting a deadly Civil War, freeing America’s slaves, and getting shot. I think I would like to see how he  would feel about the world of the Damned in Vampire: The Masquerade. I bet he’d be a Brujah, but what do you all think?

Tune back in tomorrow for Day 17’s similar question of: what fictional character would best fit into your group?