SUCCESS: Numenera Discovery & Destiny Received!

Remember how I said I’d be back if I just so happened to get those PDF’s Monte Cook Games owed me? Well this morning I received a flurry of emails from Monte Cook Games customer service, the net result of which were Numenera Discovery & Destiny, as well as Trilling Shard, are in my possession. Finally, I can put to bed this Kickstarter experience and walk away smiling. Continue reading “SUCCESS: Numenera Discovery & Destiny Received!”

How I Lost $40 on a Successful Kickstarter: My Bad Kickstarter Story

UPDATE: Monte Cook Games have come through for me. Read more here.



Finally, it happened to me: I gave money to a Kickstarter and it went bad. Not because the creator took the money and ran. Not because the product never got made. No, the Kickstarter in question was a success and the product created. I wouldn’t know that from having received said product though, since I didn’t.

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Modern AGE Quickstart Teases AGE Action in the Current Day

I was super excited when I saw this pop up on DriveThruRPG. I’ve been waiting for awhile to see what Green Ronin was brining to the table with Modern AGE as, next to Fate, AGE is one of my favorite generic systems on the go at the moment. The quickstart is free to pick up, and at 35 pages it’s a meaty, but quick, read.

Pressed for time? No problem, I got you covered.

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Here’s a First Look at Tachyon Squadron, the latest Evil Hat Kickstarter

Evil Hat and Fate are taking us to SPAAAACEEE with not one, but two new titles:  Tachyon Squadon and Fate Space Toolkit. It’s a surprise for me, to be sure, but a welcome one!

Tachyon Squadron is currently on Kickstarter, and has already funded with 33 days still left on the clock. But, don’t think there is nothing in it for you now that it’s funded. If you pledge, at any level, you get access to a preview copy of the game in the form of a text-only PDF! Not only that, at time of writing, a tier reward has already been unlocked to get us a second text-only preview of Fate Space Toolkit! I’ve already read through the Tachyon Squadrons preview and, as a big fan of Fate, I am both pleased and intrigued by the mechanical additions this game is bringing.

Enthusiasm is all well and good, I hear you you say, but you need a little more if you’re going to put down cold, hard cash on this. I couldn’t agree more. Which is why I’ve written up for you my initial thoughts on what Tachyon Squadron is bringing to our Fate tables. Read on to find out more!

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ICONS, a Superpowered RPG Brimming with Versatility

The superhero genre has never been more popular, having spawned billion-dollar movie franchises that stride the world like mighty colossi. Unsurprisingly, this fervor for the genre has also translated to tabletop roleplaying games and with numerous titles available, it has never been easier to create our own caped heroes or power-mad villains. Today, I’d like to talk about one of these titles that managed to slip under my radar until recently: ICONS, Superpowered Roleplaying – The Assembled Edition.

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