Prelude to Relics: Home is Where the Heart Is – Journal for Alex Blackheart

           Archive Number-AB-26122016-001

Memory-Log Recorded 26 December, 2016

Subject: Alexandre Blackheart

 Personal Antiquarian of Donar Vadderung, CEO of Monoc Securities

Begin Log:

I’d been set up with a luxury apartment near the office, but after a job I preferred to go to my shop first. Blackheart Antiquities felt like home, but more than that it held the things I valued above all else: the most powerful, interesting, or hard to procure artifacts I’d managed to procure over the years were stored there. I had thought gathering these magic trinkets and relics of long dead civilizations made me stronger, made me wiser. Made me somebody.

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Prelude to Relics: Strange Roots – Journal for Kaden Nuru

    Archive Number-KN-17022017-001

Dossier Amendment, Cataloged 18, February 2017

Subject: Kaden Nuru, Nganga of the Emerald Enclave

        Constultant, Monoc Securities

Excerpt from the journal of Monoc Securities consultant Kaden Nuru, with supplemental material: one annotated map of Salvador, Brazil.

Day 9:

It appears my concerns were not unfounded. Today, while my continuing research on behalf of the Enclave, I found another instance of seemingly spontaneous ley line formation in Salvador Brazil, the consequences of which could be catastrophic. In my lessons back home, I learned it is natural for the roots of the Great Mother to grow and change.

Not like this though. It appears to be of some design I have not yet to fathomed. I must consult others in this, especially my dear friend Alexandre. but after everything we have been through over the last few years I feel he needs some time alone, our new friends and enemies take quite the toll. But we must press on.

My hope is that by keeping a journal of these discoveries I might piece this puzzle together, with my own eyes this time. What was it Nadira used to say back home? ‘You may be blind but you have a choice to not be stupid’.

Ha, I miss her insight. Despite how we left things, she was a beacon in a dark time. I wonder what she would think of Kaden Nuru being a consultant for Monoc Securities? Feels like a lifetime ago I was wandering the jungle with her. It’s places like this that reminded me of her, and of home. The heat,  the hustle and bustle, and dark fruits growing just beneath the soil.

Oh, I nearly forgot. I managed to make some acquaintances while investigating the leyline. Seemed to me that they were members of some sort of secret society, but they were unwilling to divulge more. They didn’t seem a trusting lot. Still, we learned much while looking examining an abandoned apartment building that grew and shrank at random (an after effect, I believe, of the new leylines sudden emergence).  There is still much to learn, but I must consult with the spirits first. 

But for now, I must rest. By the grace of the Great Mother I hope my sleep will be dreamless.

Written by Mathew Bryan and edited by myself.


Prelude to Relics: A Fresh Assignment – Journal for Annika Kjelleberg

           Archive Number-AK-04052018-001

Memory-Log Recorded 4 June, 2018

Subject: Annika Kjelleberg, Valkyrie

Personal Protection Specialist, Monoc Securities

Begin Log:

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From the Personal Correspondence of Captain Marcus J. Taylor

We have investigated the conduct of Captain Marcus J. Taylor regarding the incident involving one Daniel Taylor, first cousin of Captain Taylor. While this is clearly a source of emotional stress for the captain, we have found nothing to indicate that he is a security risk. Continued observation may be required, however this incident with a close relatively may spur Captain Taylor to a more enthusiastic investigation of REDACTED than he may have otherwise.

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