Relics: Creating the Campaign, Part 3

Going to start off today’s post with a little announcement: we have a guest star swooping in to keep the dynamic duo in-line – John Alan Large of Red Dice Diaries! He will be reprising his role from The Motor City Files as Annika Kjelleberg, a Valkyrie and Monoc Securities employee who is tasked by the head of the Special Operations Division, Froya Voll, to babysit Alex and Kaden. The table and I are excited to have him aboard, and I look forward to seeing Annika and the boys back in action on the 16th.  Continue reading “Relics: Creating the Campaign, Part 3”

Relics: Creating the Campaign, Part 2

Last time, I began our discussion of Game Creation in Dresden Files Accelerated by taking us through phase one, Gather and Discuss, for my upcoming campaign, Relics. Today, I’ll be going over phase two, Identify Factions, and show what my table and I have come up with for Relics.

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Relics: Creating the Campaign, Part 1

If you’re familiar with Fate Core (or other Fate products by Evil Hat), you’ll know that they structure Game Creation in a specific way that focuses on collaboratively building the game world. It is, in my opinion, sublime and one of Fate’s many strengths.

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