Relics: Creating the Campaign, Part 7

Non-player characters, NPC’s, are one of the most important tools a GM has for conveying the setting and creating interactivity for the players. In the first session of Relics, the dynamic duo and their new bodyguard met just a few of the large array of NPC’s I’ve written-up for the campaign. Thankfully, Dresden Files Accelerated made this process a whole lot easier with its quick and easy rules for creating NPC’s.

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Relics, Session 1

The first session of Relics is here! Like all good sessions there were several technical issues, but we worked most of them out and still got in nearly two and a half hours of adventure. For your viewing ease, I’ve split the session into six parts.


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Relics: Creating the Campaign, part 6

If you’ve been following along at home, you should now be where I am in the process of Game Creation per Dresden Files Accelerated, and unofficial step I’ll call bring it all together. This step is a review of all the previous steps, making sure the pieces fit and integrating them together if you haven’t already done so,

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Relics: Creating the Campaign, Part 5

Last time, I talked about Detail the Factions and I mentioned that the only thing needed now to get playing was an inciting incident. Well today, that is exactly what’s on the menu as we Determine the Inciting Incident for our tables. Continue reading “Relics: Creating the Campaign, Part 5”

Relics: Creating the Campaign, part 4

It’s been building to this moment. You’ve talked about what your table wants. You’ve identified key elements. You may have even fleshed out characters. Now, it’s time to flesh out the game world you’ll be using for your sessions. It’s time to Detail Factions! Continue reading “Relics: Creating the Campaign, part 4”