SUCCESS: Numenera Discovery & Destiny Received!

Remember how I said I’d be back if I just so happened to get those PDF’s Monte Cook Games owed me? Well this morning I received a flurry of emails from Monte Cook Games customer service, the net result of which were Numenera Discovery & Destiny, as well as Trilling Shard, are in my possession. Finally, I can put to bed this Kickstarter experience and walk away smiling.

A big thank you to Darcy at Monte Cook Games for noticing my issue was unresolved and fixing it.

So where did the wires get crossed? Well part of it, I have to own. Each Kickstarter I’ve ever backed sends a survey once it’s been funded to verify delivery addresses and emails, et cetera. Apparently I didn’t fill that out, and that’s where the initial trouble began.

In Darcy’s email, she provided what looks like a copy/paste of text from a message supposedly sent by Monte Cook Games back in August (about when I would have started pinging them about this issue). This message, from a Sean at the company, explains about the survey but that somehow they had my old email in the system and that was what they were using to attempt fulfillment. I’m not sure how that email popped up again, but the point is they had it and I wasn’t receiving their messages.

Fast forward to today, Darcy instructed me to create an account on their site with the old email. At first I thought this was going to be a new hiccup: what if I had to verify account creation from the old email which no longer exists? Fortunately, it let me straight through and a few minutes later I had all my PDF’s.

Now, after months of waiting, I can finally dive back into The Ninth World.


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