Relics: Creating the Campaign, part 6

If you’ve been following along at home, you should now be where I am in the process of Game Creation per Dresden Files Accelerated, and unofficial step I’ll call bring it all together. This step is a review of all the previous steps, making sure the pieces fit and integrating them together if you haven’t already done so,

For me, that meant tweaking the section on the Solombalskya Bravta as I discussed last time and combining all the parts from the previous posts. The final product looks like this:

The Investigations and Recoveries Unit at Monoc Securities – portrayed by Dennis and Mathew – are back at it again. After some retrospection and a little brainstorming, here are the building blocks of their next grand adventure:

Criminal gangs and the underground antiquities trade

  • Ghosts and necromancy
  • The supernatural scene of Africa

The don’t’s include:

  • The Knights of the Blackened Denarius
  • Politics and current events

Finally, as they’ve been playing in Alex’s sandbox up until this point, everyone agrees to Nairobi, Kenya and Africa as the locale for this campaign. As Kaden’s neck of the woods, this will push him to the fore.

​After further reviewing the list of desirable and undesirable elements, the table derived the following list of factions:

  • Monoc Securities
  • The Emerald Enclave
  • An powerful crime syndicate
  • Nairobi’s Paranet cell
  • The militia of a necromantic warlord

For Relics, the players and their characters are:

  • Dennis: Alexandre Blackheart, an employee of Monoc Securities and antiquarian to Odin himself.
  • John:Annika Kjelleberg, one of the Valkyrie and a personal protection specialist at Monoc Securities.
  • Mathew: Kaden Nuru, a consultant at Monoc Securities and shaman of the Emerald Enclave.

Each Faction is detailed below:

Monoc Securities

  • Goal: To find the truth to rumors that an ancient sarcophagus was recently unearthed in Kenya.
  • Obstacle: Monoc Securities aren’t the only parties interested in the sarcophagus.
  • Resources: The head of Monoc Securities, Donnar Vadderung. The head of the Special Operations Division, Froya Voll. The dynamic duo of the Investigations and Recoveries Unit, Alex Blackheart and Kaden Nuru. Forces of the Valkyrie and the Einherjar. Deep pockets. Libraries of magical tomes and vaults of artifacts.
  • Weaknesses: Kenya is far away from Monoc Securities principal sphere of influence and its leaders centers of power.
  • Aspects: Well-Respected Security Company, Eyes in the Sky
  • Next Steps:Dispatching IRU to Kenya to investigate the sarcophagus and retrieve it, if possible.

The Emerald Enclave

  • Goal: Ascertain the truth of the ancient sarcophagus and prevent it from falling into the hands of Jelani Nzeogwu.
  • Obstacle: The return of Jelani Nzeogwu, among other concerns, has stretched the Enclaves ability to respond to the possible threat the sarcophagus represents.
  • Resources: Shomari Ironsi, Enclave elder. Other Enclave practitioners, availability permitting. The gathering place and stronghold of Zamani Mashimo, built into the hollow of a massive baobab tree. The accumulated knowledge of several thousand years of magical practice. Wealth built over the millennium. Connections and alliances with various communities throughout Africa.
  • Weaknesses: Ignored by the White Council and the global community of magical practitioners, the Emerald Enclave often stands alone with few allies, besieged by enemies both mundane and supernatural.
  • Aspects: Hardened by WarKeepers of Ancient Lore
  • Next Steps:Shomari Ironsi has been sent to bring Kaden Nuru, one of the Enclaves most experienced shamans, home to aid their investigation.

Solombalskya Bravta

  • Goal: Obtain the Staff of Ded Moroz
  • Obstacle: The item is being sold at a black auction, and is well-protected from both mundane and supernatural theft.
  • Resources: Demyan Markov, business tycoon and leader of the Solombalskya Bravta. Ivan Voronin, known as Brother Koschei, deathless assassin-for-hire. Many soldiers. Large sums of capital.
  • Weaknesses: Though Markov seems to know more than the average human about the true nature of the world, he and his subordinates are still mostly human.
  • Aspects: Nigh-Unlimited Resources, Clued-In to the Supernatural
  • Next Steps:Win the Staff by any means necessary.

Nairobi’s Paranet Cell

  • Goal: Protect Nairobi’s magical community.
  • Obstacle: Despite their determination, the members of the Nairobi Paranet simply lack the power and resources to contend with they myriad threats to the cities magical community.
  • Resources: Nadira Marie Bello, acting-leader of the Nairobi Paranet. Various magical talents and occultists. A branch of the local leyline, diverted to protect their headquarters: the Solarin-Mallory Community Center. Access to the resources and information of the global Paranet.
  • Weaknesses: Kenya is a land stalked by mighty predators, and Nairobi’s nascent Paranet cell are but blades of grass in a tempest.
  • Aspects: Hunkered-Down, Collage of Talents
  • Next Steps:Investigate the rumors surrounding the ancient sarcophagus and ensure it poses no threat to the city.

Nzeogwu’s Chosen

  • Goal: Destroy the Emerald Enclave and all opposition to Jelani Nzeogwu.
  • Obstacle: The Enclave has already defeated Nzeogwu once, and they represent the single greatest threat to his ascension.
  • Resources: Jelani Nzeogwu, witch-doctor and necromancer. Several lesser magical practitioners. A strong, well-ogranized and funded army of fanatics, which can be reinforced by a horde of ghosts and risen corpses.
  • Weaknesses: Jelani Nzeogwu, for all his power, is still one man against many.
  • Aspects: Fanatical Cultists, Power Overwhelming
  • Next Steps: Secure the recently unearthed sarcophagus in the name of Jelani Nzeogwu.

Finally, the inciting incident for Relics:

“​The Investigations and Recoveries Unit of the Special Operations Division at Monoc Securities has hit a bit of a rough patch. But Donnar Vadderung, CEO of Monoc, and Froya Voll, head of the Special Operations Division, aren’t ready to give up on their favorite antiquarian and nganga . Which is why Alex Blackheart and Kaden Nuru have been sent with a chaperon, the Valkyrie Annika Kjelleberg, on a job to recover the Staff of Ded Moroz…”

With this foundation laid, and with work I’ve been doing on my Roll20 board, I am essentially ready to go for the first session of Relics. But, why stop there? There’s still plenty left to do, plenty left to talk about, and I think I know just the topic…

I’ll be back, and I’ll make sure to bring friends!


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