Relics: Creating the Campaign, Part 5

Last time, I talked about Detail the Factions and I mentioned that the only thing needed now to get playing was an inciting incident. Well today, that is exactly what’s on the menu as we Determine the Inciting Incident for our tables.

If you stopped to make characters during Identify Player CharactersDetermine the Inciting Incident will be the last phase of general Game Creation. As GM you might have some more work to do, but once you have the inciting incident you should have everything needed to get started.

But what is an ‘inciting incident’? How does Dresden Files Accelerated define that?

An inciting incident is the gunshot at the start of a race. It’s the phone call in the night saying something has gone wrong. It is the moment that calls or spurs the player characters to action. DFA breaks these down into four general categories for our ease of use:

  • A faction takes action on its next steps in a way PC’s cannot ignore.
  • A faction makes a critical error related to a weakness in a way involving the PC’s.
  • A faction engages a rival in conflict that demands PC intervention.
  • An event of interest draws several factions into the mix with conflicting agendas.

For Relics, our inciting incident text would like something like this:

The Investigations and Recoveries Unit of the Special Operations Division at Monoc Securities has hit a bit of a rough patch. But Donnar Vadderung, CEO of Monoc, and Froya Voll, head of the Special Operations Division, aren’t ready to give up on their favorite antiquarian and nganga . Which is why Alex Blackheart and Kaden Nuru have been sent with a chaperon, the Valkyrie Annika Kjelleberg, on a job to recover the Staff of Ded Moroz.

Coming off a long break with these characters, I wanted something that could kick us off in medias res and with a bang. My players also expressed a desire to, you know, actually play out the job the characters are supposed to do. This inciting incident is a good way to set that expectation and tone, both for the players and potential observers.

Granted this opening has nothing to do with our stated locale – Nairobi, Kenya – and may require some adjustments of earlier parts of the document, but  c’est la vie. Your Game Creation document isn’t set in stone, and changes will occur both before and during play. Just make sure your players know about them!

That folks, is the Game Creation process for Dresden Files Accelerated. If you’ve been following along, perhaps for your own campaign that you’re planning or just as a thought exercise, you should now have a couple of pages worth of material to kick start your Dresdenverse experience.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. I’ve got a finalized draft of the Game Creation doc to do. I have NPC’s and locations to stat. I’ve also got some nefarious plots happening over at Roll20.  Lots to do, and only a week to do them before game time.

I better kick it into overdrive!


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