Relics: Creating the Campaign, Part 3

Going to start off today’s post with a little announcement: we have a guest star swooping in to keep the dynamic duo in-line – John Alan Large of Red Dice Diaries! He will be reprising his role from The Motor City Files as Annika Kjelleberg, a Valkyrie and Monoc Securities employee who is tasked by the head of the Special Operations Division, Froya Voll, to babysit Alex and Kaden. The table and I are excited to have him aboard, and I look forward to seeing Annika and the boys back in action on the 16th. 

It’s apropos, with us adding another name to the roster, that today’s entry is about player characters. In Dresden Files Accelerated, player characters are defined in two steps of the Game Creation process: Identify Player Characters and Create the Player Characters. Since Relics is picking up with existing characters, we’re going to combine these steps into one post.

Identify Player Characters is the high level portion of the player character discussion, before getting into the nitty gritty and getting out character sheets. To begin, the player with the strongest notion of what their character is about should kick things off. Keep it to who they are, what Faction their potential apart of, what they do. Details that might make for a good High Concept later.

You repeat this with the next player character, but adding  a tie-in between the first player and the second. Keeping going until everyone has characters, with the first player finishing off by creating a tie-in with the last player character named. The intention here is to have an organic conversation that establishes core details about every character and creates a web of connections among them.

By the end of this conversation, you should have a short list containing your players, the name of their characters, and a brief blurb about them. Here’s the one for Relics:

The players and their characters for Relics are:

  • Dennis: Alexandre Blackheart, an employee of Monoc Securities and antiquarian to Odin himself.
  • John: Annika Kjelleberg, one of the Valkyrie and a personal protection specialist at Monoc Securities.
  • Mathew: Kaden Nuru, a consultant at Monoc Securities and shaman of the Emerald Enclave.

At this stage, you could finish character creation (which really needs its own post) or  move on to Detail the Factions, fleshing out the rest of the game before players put the finishing touches on their characters.

With the cast of Relics, all three characters are being reprised from previous sessions, so we didn’t go through the character creation from scratch. Instead, we focused our conversations on updating aspects to reflect the passage of time both in and out of game, as well as aligning character advancement to reflect DFA’s version of milestones. This resulted in a slight bump in power for Alex and Kaden, and a big jump for Annika as she was built as a starter-character originally.

With our player characters set, I’ll be going back to Factions and going through Detail the Factions in the next installment of Relics: Creating the Campaign.



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