Relics: Creating the Campaign, Part 2

Last time, I began our discussion of Game Creation in Dresden Files Accelerated by taking us through phase one, Gather and Discuss, for my upcoming campaign, Relics. Today, I’ll be going over phase two, Identify Factions, and show what my table and I have come up with for Relics.

The first thing you should do as you enter the second phase is to have your Do’s and Don’t’s from Gather and Discuss in front of you. This will be your guide as you and your table discusses the kinds of factions they want to include. Like with Gather and Discuss, this will be a high level list. Just get down the broad strokes, the details will come later.

For Relics, the boys and I had some very specific ideas. Monoc Securities is a given, since Alex and Kaden work there. I also wanted to include the Emerald Enclave, the order of shamans and mystics that Kaden belongs to. Dennis specifically wanted a criminal gang, and I one-upped it to international crime syndicate. Mathew brought up wanting a collection of supernatural have-nots and outliers, so naturally we thought of a budding Paranet cell forming in Nairobi. Rounding it out, we have the militia of a necromantic warlord prowling the countryside.

Taking all of that into account, here’s what our initial list of factions looks like:

After reviewing the list of desirable and undesirable elements, the table derived the following list of factions:

  • Monoc Securities
  • The Emerald Enclave
  • An international crime syndicate
  • Nairobi’s Paranet cell
  • The militia of a necromantic warlord

This isn’t to say that there aren’t more factions, but these are certainly enough to get going with. If your table comes up with fewer factions, that’s fine. If they want to start with more, that’s great. Remember though, keep it high level at this stage and distill this list from your conversation during Gather and Discuss.

We’re two steps down and getting into the meat. Next stop – Identify Characters!



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