Heroic Tales of Aglaeca on Kickstarter!

Quick post today to talk about the Kickstarter for Heroic Tales of Aglaeca. In a world that sounds like a bit of Conan the Barbarian and The Witcher, principal author and creator Ian F. White wants to take us on a journey of exploration into ancient, ruined cities and into the nature of the struggle between good and evil. Set in the world of Maern, the initial product will focus on a region called the Free Lands (Nine Kingdoms).

Systemically, the Kickstarter states the game will utilize dice pool mechanics and hero points (Aglaeca Points, as they are called in the game). As a fan of Fate and other dice pool titles, I am of course tickled by this.

Ian, the creator of Aglaeca, is a friend of mine who has played in numerous sessions I’ve ran through Google Hangouts. He’s a great guy and roleplayer with a keen creative mind.  Through his brand Studio7aUK, he has already published various titles for roleplaying and wargaming, including original fiction. I say this so you know a little about Ian’s character and that he produces results.

So for as little as £5 pounds, which will net you a shout out in the credits as a backer and the Quick Star PDF, you can help bring a new fantasy world to life for gamers around the world to explore. I’ve already backed it, and if you are reading this I hope you will consider taking a look here to do the same if you can.


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