What a Haul: GM’s Day Sale

With GM’s Day and its accompanying sale on DriveThruRPG, I’ve decided to renew an old custom: What a Haul!

I have three purchases to unveil today, all PDF’s. Each title was purchased with an eye for running one-shots and campaigns in the Planescape setting. I’ve been a fan of this setting ever since I played Planescape: Torment and I’m jazzed to broaden my knowledge of the planes.

Beyond Countless Doorways


While not strictly a Planescape title, Beyond Countless Doorways grabbed my attention because of the pedigree of its authors (who were involved with Planesape originally) and the uniqueness of the some of the new planes described in the DriveThruRPG full-preview. Worlds like Avidarel floating around a dead star, or Curnorost the realm of dead angels, or the Crystal Roads of Deluer on the plane of elemental earth (which gives a take on an elemental plane I haven’t quite seen before).

The PDF of Beyond Countless Doorways is black-and-white with plentiful, well-drawn art. At 224-pages pread over twenty chapters, this book provides a wealth of new worlds to explore. I picked this up for £6.29, down from £9.39 thanks to the sale.


The Planewalkers Guide

After reading the DriveThruRPG blurb and flicking through the preview, I quickly decided this was a must have given that I want to run sessions through the Planes. Part travel guide, part peek behind the current, The Planewalkers Guide seems essential. Covering ten chapters with from subjects ranging from the Planes themselves, to how to travel the multiverse, to the very nature of the multiverse itself.

Clocking in at 160 pages, this one cost me £7.21 from £14.44, a real bargain.

Well of Worlds

I want to take players on adventurers through the planes, and the Well of Worlds boasts a wide range of possible adventures. The blurb on DriveThruRPG offers up a few samples, such as “The Mazes” within Sigil, jaunts to others planes like “Love Letter”, planar invasions in “Blood Storm”, and wars between the planes “People under the Fall”. With 130 pages worth of adventures to work through, I’m confident I’ll find something to play with.

I purchased this one at £13.96, down from £20.20.



I will be reading these in the weeks to come, and I’ll share my thoughts when I have. The Planes await!



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