#RPGaDay2017: Day 17 & 18 Doubleshot

Day 17 asked: what RPG have you owned the longest but not played?

Good question. I own plenty of PDF’s (my primary way of collecting RPG’s) and I’m not sure when I picked up half them. A standout that comes to mind is the Dragon Age RPG: I owned the original sets and then picked up the more polished omnibus version later. I’ve flirted with it a couple of times, but nothing of it. AGE is a system I want to start playing more of, if I can tear myself away from Fate for five minutes.

Day 18 asks: what RPG have you played the most in your life?

That would be Fate (previous and current editions) and Dungeons & Dragons (multiple editions). I’ve also done a ton of freeform forum based RP, which was between my child years of D&D and my return to the hobby in recent years which has been dominated by Fate.

Sieze the day, play what you want, and let your answers to #RPGaDay be known to the community!


2 thoughts on “#RPGaDay2017: Day 17 & 18 Doubleshot

  1. Yes, I’ve got both Dragon AGE and Fantasy AGE, but aside from a couple of one-shots that I ran for BrigadeCon 2016 I’ve not run them since, and I’ve not had chance to play in either or them yet (although I’d dearly love) to. I can certainly sympathise with the urge to just do stuff in Fate, I think in a way we’re slowly becoming Grognard: the Next Generation 😉


  2. Fantasy Paladium, 7th Sea (1st & 2nd Ed.), Burning Wheel. This are the games I own but have nether GMed. I have played once Fantasy Paladium but at this time I haven’t owned the book.

    And I played Warhammer (but only once the 3rd Ed. and then never again), D&D in all editions, Das Schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye) and Mayfairs DC Heroes.


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