#RPGaDay2017: Day 16

Today’s question is what RPG do you enjoy using as is?

The short answer is Fate.

The long answer is still Fate, but I would include all three of ‘core’ books: Core, Accelerated, and Toolkit. With a system like Fate, you can easily run it using only Core and Accelerated. But for more nuance, I like to pull from Toolkit and other source books or lines that have been published for this version of Fate.

I guess it depends, as former President Bill Clinton might say, what is as is?

Either way, Fate is still my go to, but what about you? What system do you like to play RAW?


One thought on “#RPGaDay2017: Day 16

  1. Shadows of Esteren, I think. And 13th Age. And Savage World, I’m using the Horror and Fantasy Companions and some things from SW Lankhmar. But it’s all Savage World and no house rules.

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