#RPGaDay 2017: Day 12-15 Round-Up

Day 12’s question: which RPG has the most inspiring interior art?

My younger-self would emphatically say any of the old D&D Monster Manuals. I used to read through those for hours, inspiring me to conjure adventures in my head. More recently, I loved the artwork in the new Blue Rose and in Dresden Files Accelerated.

Day 13’s question: describe a game experience that changed the way you played?

When I first started playing Fate a lot, I did some play-by-post on the Jim Butcher Dresden Files forum. It ended spectacurlaly poor, but it taught me to be very leery of players I don’t have a lot of experience with (a negative, perhaps) but it also taught me to be more aware of the players needs and incorporate them into the game. This is something Fate implcityly encourages, but can be challenging for a new or rusty GM.

Day 14’s question: which RPG do you prefer for an open-ended campaign?

Broken record is broken: Fate Core & Accelerated. The flexibility of the system allows you to tackle almost any setting or genre, and the narratively-driven nature of the game allows for a good focus on the story.

Day 15’s question: which RPG do you enjoy adapating the most?

Do I need to say it? …Fate…

Fate is very modular, and there are tons of small source books and full-fledged games to filch material from. Make it as rules light or heavy as you’d like, the underlying rules can support you.

That’s me all caught up, tune in tomorrow when we’re back on track! Half-way through #RPGaDay2017, let’s bring it home!


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