#RPGaDay 2017: Day 9-11 Triple Threat

Day 9’s question was: what is a good RPG to play for about ten sessions?

Fate again shines through as an amazing option. It’s milestone system of character advancement mean that the players can make a meaningful change after every session, and that number of sessions ensures at least a couple of Significant and a Major Milestone thrown in there to give players that feeling of growing in power.

Also, because it’s Fate and Fate is awesome. I’m not biased at all.

Day 10’s question was: where do you go for RPG reviews?

Generally speaking, I know what I want out of a game and what I’m looking for in a product. So beyond watching a vlog or reading a blog that’s a review, which I do mostly because I enjoy and want to support the creators of that content, I tend to read the reviews on DriveThruRPG (my vendor of choice). Unlike the cesspool of the reviews section on Amazon, DriveThruRPG reviews tend to be quite helpful and insightful.

Rounding out the triple round, today’s question is: what dead RPG would you like to see reborn?

I don’t have dead RPG’s littering my game history. My early years were filled with D&D or d20 games and systemless forum-based roleplaying. All the system I like, then and now, are current. But, there are two settings that come to mind that could use some love:

D&D’s Eberron, a rich and varied world that has a magic-punk aesthtic to it. A great setting for both urban and dungeonering adventures, I wouldn’t mind seeing a full-fledged 5E update to this world, especially as I’m about to embark on a campaign in it.

Blue Rose (Fantasy AGE Edition), a beautiful book with a setting that’s fairly unique for fantasy RPG’s. Recently released, I don’t see much of a scene around this game. That’s a shame, because it’s a great book and worth it for the art as well as the mechanical elaborations to the Fantasy AGE system.

I’m all caught up now. Leave a comment, let me know you’re thoughts on one or all of these questions. #RPGaDay, woot woot!


4 thoughts on “#RPGaDay 2017: Day 9-11 Triple Threat

    1. There are three main areas: Arcana, Stunts, and Bonds. I like the Arcana better in Blue Rose than in generic Fantasy AGE. There are a few more Stunts, which fleshes things out a bit. The Bonds mechanics is all about measuring and tracking relationships, giving mechanical import to a key narrative and roleplaying goal of the game.

      If you’re not into the world, these bits aren’t enough to warrant the purchase unless on a sail. Still, like with Dragon Age, I like to see that Green Ronin is expanding on their system when moving it to other settings to attempt to capture the essence of that world.


      1. Yea, I’m not sure why it isn’t pushed more. Fate, by contrast, has a steady stream of content and updates offered for reasonable prices. I would probably say the quality of each individual Green Ronin product is better, but the AGE system itself isn’t as popular as it could and, in my opinion, should be.


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