#RPGaDay 2017: Day 6

We are entering the land of pure fantasy with today’s question: you can game every day for a week, what do you do? I like the idea of exploring a single campaign/casefile/story in those seven days. I’d run a single session each day, maybe increase my normal length of time to four hours, and see what happens. Of course, the final session would have to be a grand finale where the last six days come to a head.

System? Either 5E or Numenra. I’d want something with a sense of adventure, where I could throw a dungeon-dive or two at the players.

I’ve never had the experience of running a series in this way. Has anyone every done multiple sessions back-to-back, day-after-day to completion? What was it like? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “#RPGaDay 2017: Day 6

      1. I have run a lot of games this way, not many for a whole week, but 3-4 days is not uncommon. We used to play D&D everyday as kids, and Star Wars D6 fever had us locked up for days at a time in university, as would Call of Cthulhu and the whole World of Darkness, each in their turn.

        As I note above, the characters and their portrayals get more striking and play (from a what would the character do and remember point of view) improves. Memory of events fades faster as their is less post-game reinforcement and discussion. It is a great experience and bonds characters to characters and players within the group.

        One thing to note is that with the exception of mysteries in CoC, there were no planned story arcs, just open play as characters through emerging events.

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      2. I’d like to be a little more frequent with my sessions. It definitely helps players keep into their characters, but it helps me as GM stay into my own ideas. Right now I’m planning around my baby, but maybe it’ll get easier? :p

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