#RPGaDay 2017: Day 4

The answer to today’s question will come as no surprise to those that know or follow me, and that question is: what RPG have you played the most since August 2016?

Fate. Lots of Fate.

Since last August I’ve played The Dresden Files RPG, then transitioned to the updated Dresden Files Accelerated. I’ve played Venture City, with it’s amazing treatment of super heroes. I’ve worked on and played modified versions of Fate Core and Fate Accelerated in settings such as Stargate, Fairy Tail, and Mass Effect.

It’s been an amazing year of gaming with Fate, and as my go-to system that won’t be changing. I will be returning to Venture City, I want to explore The Secret World of Cats, and continue to explore my favorite settings with my favorite system.

I will be branching out though, starting later this month with running my first ever live D&D campaign.

How about you? What system absorbed you the most in the roleplaying year that was?


7 thoughts on “#RPGaDay 2017: Day 4

  1. I’ve been playing Star Wars Saga Edition and Rogue Trader: Then I’ve been playing DC Adventures, then settling to Blood Heroes and now D&D 5th with the Birthright setting.
    And I’m mastering Savage World on my own world, 13th Age and Shadows of Esteren. And now I’m starting with DFA 🙂


      1. Yesterday we have played DFA the first time. My players liked it, perhaps a lot. But I’m not so sure. I have to play it a few times more to get a better grip on the system. I have already decided that I will let roleplay have a lot of impact in social scenes. I will only use Overcome to get a little bit more information from a NPC if the PC has roleplayed very well.
        And my group an I have one question. We understand Contests and Conflicts. But Challenges are another thing. This is just a one roll event. Can a player first Create an Advantage and the make an Overcome action? Or does he have to take only one action and if he wants to use an aspect he have to pay for it with an Fate point? My players always wanted to create a new aspect or use an existing aspect to save their precious Fate points. Did we make a mistake?

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      2. Short answer is yes you can!

        Challenges are multiple objectives jammed rolled out as a montage. So in the given scene, the objectives could be something like holding the door against a horde of necrofiends, while praying to the Light God for a sanctifying ward, while searching for a way out. In that Challenge, there are three rolls: two of them are Overcome (holding the door and searching for a way out) but praying for the sanctified ward could be a Create Advantage action.

        Or, same scenario, but one of the players wants to help the brutish Northman hold the door – he could act as a Helper or he could risk it for more benefit by turning his aid into a Create Advantage action (HOLD THE DOOR, which the Northman could invoke on his Overcome roll).

        This is all on top of using Fate points as usual.


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