#RPGaDay 2017: Day 3

How do I find out about new RPG’s? A simple, but important question especially for those of us new to the hobby. Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Check DriveThruRPG! I find myself trolling through the new sellers and best sellers lists. I’ve picked up more than a couple of RPG’s in this way. Look out for sales!
  • Follow the companies you like on social media, or simply troll their webpage. Check their release schedules, if they offer them. This is a good way to keep apraised of new games and supplements coming from your favorite content creators.
  • Join some RPG-oriented social media groups. I find, a lot of the time, I’ll here or see something from a post on Facebook about a game I’ve never seen or heard of. This is great, because if you use social media already likely you’ll check on it at least once in a day and you might find yourself coming across a gem.

How do you find out about your games? Are you a digital creature like myself or do you check out your freindly-local-game-store? #RPGaDay 2017 continues!



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