#RPGaDay 2017: Day 2

I’m all over day 2’s question, which is: what is an RPG you would like to see published?

Oh boy! I have gone on record many times that I think it is an absolute sin that we have yet to see an official Mass Effect RPG. We have Green Ronin’s Dragon Age RPG, but did Bioware not think there might be some Mass Effect fans in the tabletop community?

Normally, this is where I’d blame the money-grubbers at EA and say they don’t think it’d be profitable but, as I mentioned, we have the Dragon Age RPG waiving at us with a big goofy grin. It haunts me, truly.

The only thing I don’t know is what system. Green Ronin did a very good job of the Dragon Age setting. This could be their opportunity to take the AGE system into SPACE. Fate Core and Accelerated could do a really good job, as my own efforts have shown me. Fantasy Flight Games system, as seen in their Star Wars product is a good candidate, but I’d prefer a system that ends up less bulky than that. Any system that lends towards simple, clean mechanics with a narrative or cinematic flair could do (so let’s get it done EA Bioware).

Got a setting, concept, or mechanic you’d like seen turned into an RPG? Let me know in the comments or link to your prefered platform of expression. This is a month of discussion, this is #RPGaDay!


5 thoughts on “#RPGaDay 2017: Day 2

  1. Although I’ve not really played ME–for obvious reasons–there was the fan hack that got utterly squashed after that whole Ennies debacle, which was a shame since I think fan hacks can be a great way of generating interest in an RPG property, as long as they aren’t being sold for profit. I’m a fan of Dragon AGE so I think it’d certainly be possible for Bioware to license out their properties and get a good RPG result 🙂

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    1. Yea, all the hoopla over the Don Mappin product is nonsense. If Bioware was so interested in its property (it’s not), then it’d consider bringing to market an official product. Until then, I’ll keep using my Simply Accelerated Mass Effect. 😉

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  2. #RPGaDAY2017 : I agree, Mass effect was a popular game. Why not have a RPG? I would like to see a fantasy game that is a mix of Torchbearer and burning wheel from burning wheel HQ. I believe that Torchbearer is optimized in it´s way and that BW is to much choises and subsystems that needs to be simplified. Torchbearers subsystems are better in my opinion so perhaps it is Mouseguard I am actually looking for. But hey, getting my players to try playing mice? No, I would rather try with Secrets of Cats . Why? Because I love cats.

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