Simply Accelerated Mass Effect 2.0

Here is my second pass of Simply Accelerated Mass Effect. I have added some clarifying notes to the character creation, changed the approaches to the version seen in Dresden Files Accelerated, and made some alterations to the Races and Classes.

The Race and Class alterations were mostly streamlining. In some cases I changed them completely to move away from the design ethos of the stunts actually performing an action to the stunts modifying or expanding actions (as is proper).

Additionally, I notated the Mob rules I am using for the game (again, Dresden Files Accelerated) and added a section on how to handle vehicles. Check out the full document below:

Unless stipulated otherwise, Simply Accelerated Mass Effect uses the Fate Accelerated rules.

How to Create a Character

  • Select a Race and a Class, jotting down their aspects, adding the approaches, and taking the stunts offered under each.
    • Note: player characters can only take one of each of these; if they want stunts with similar effects, they should create unique ones using their free stunt.
  • Add a third aspect that fleshes out your character.
  • Take 3 additional points of Approaches, with no single approach rising above Good (+3).
  • Create a third stunt.
  • If desired, take an additional on or two aspects.
  • Add a stress track with six boxes, each box absorbing 1-shift of stress.
  • Take 2 or 3 Fate Points, per your GM.
  • Players may deduct from their initial Fate Point total to have additional stunts, but they must always have at least 1 Fate Point.


  • Flair: An action that draws attention to you, replete with style and panache.
  • Focus: Time-consuming action in which close attention is paid to detail so the task is properly executed the first time.
  • Force: A display of brute strength versus subtlety.
  • Guile: An effort focusing on misdirection, stealth, and deceit.
  • Haste: A dexterous movement with alacrity.
  • Intellect: Quick thinking, the solving of complex problems, or accounting for various variables at once.



  • Aspect: ASARI
  • Approaches: Guile, Haste, Intellect
  • Stunt: Natural Biotic: Take +2 when using biotics to Create Advantage, creating aspects such as BARRIER or STASIS FIELD.


  • Aspect: Drell
  • Approaches: Focus, Guile, Haste
  • Stunt: Total Recall: You can recall anything you’ve experienced perfectly, without the need for a roll: this source of opposition is simply off the table.


  • Aspect: Human
  • Approaches: Flair, Force, Intellect
  • Stunt: The Indomitable Human Spirit: Once per session, you may beat the odds by succeeding on a roll you just tied or failed.


  • Aspect: Krogan
  • Approaches: Flair, Force, Haste
  • Stunt: I Am Krogan!: When charging two or more foes, use your rage and overwhelming physique to make a Forceful attack at +1 per foe.


  • Aspect: Quarian
  • Approaches: Flair, Focus, Intellect
  • Stunt: Quarian Resourcefulness: Once per session, you may declare that you succeed at an Overcome action without rolling due to a useful tool or piece of tech you have on your person.


  • Aspect: Salarian
  • Approaches: Focus, Guile, Intellect
  • Stunt: Hyperactive Cognition: Twice per session, you may use Intellect instead of any other approach thanks to your rapid cognitive abilities.


  • Aspect: Turian
  • Approaches: Focus, Force, Intellect
  • Stunt: Universal Combat Training: When invoking aspects to aid in a Force attack, gain +3 per invoke instead of the usual +2.



  • Aspect: Adept
  • Approaches: Flair, Focus, Force
  • Stunt: Biotic Mastery: Gain one extra free invoke after successfully Creating Advantage using your biotic powers.
    • This class is Biotic.


  • Aspect: Engineer
  • Approaches: Flair, Focus, Intellect
  • Stunt: Combat Drone: Once per session, deploy a combat drone that provides a +4 on a single Flair attack.


  • Aspect: Infiltrator
  • Approaches: Focus, Guile, Haste
  • Stunt: Tactical Cloak: Take +2 on Create Advantage actions with Guile when becoming invisible to the naked eye.


  • Aspect: Sentinel
  • Approaches: Flair, Force, Intellect
  • Stunt: Tech Armor: Twice per session, reduce the damage of a successful hit by two.
    • This class is Biotic.


  • Aspect: Soldier
  • Approaches: Force, Haste, Intellect
  • Stunt: Overwhelming Firepower: Once per session, you may make a Force attack at full strength against all enemies in a zone.


  • Aspect: VANGUARD
  • Approaches: Flair, Force, Haste
  • Stunt: Biotic Celerity: When using Haste to Overcome obstacles of terrain or covering distances quickly by foot, get +2 on your roll.
    • This class is Biotic.


  • Mobs are based on the Dresden Files Accelerated version of the rules: they roll to attack all opponents at once and get an inherent +1 bonus on any roll. They get a standard stress track, and are taken out when it is filled.

Vehicles and Spacecraft

  • Generally, vehicles or spacecraft are incidental to play and simply provide narrative justification to take actions a character normally couldn’t, such as flying through space. Incidental vehicles or spacecraft that are important enough may also be represented by aspects.
  • A personal vehicle or spacecraft is represented as an aspect on the characters sheet. If the character wants to gain some additional benefit from the vehicle consistently, then they can also take a stunt. If used in a Conflict, the character would absorb damage as they normally would – with their stress track and conditions.
    • Example: Commander Shepard is the CO OF THE NORMANDY, who has also taken the stunt SSV Normandy which grants +2 when using Guile to stealth the Normandy; when the Normandy is destroyed by the Collectors, Shepard is Taken Out.
  • Group vehicles or craft also necessitate an aspect, which represents their access to it. Access to the vehicle allows use of its stunts, and a GM may provide free stunts to player characters to create a vehicle that is important enough to warrant them. If the vehicle is going to be used in Conflict, treat it as a mob.
    • Example: a group of Specter’s are given an advanced frigate to complete their mission by the Council – they each take an aspect and contribute one free stunt that the GM gave them to build the ship, creating the Lusia. When engaging a Cerberus cruiser, the Lusia is badly damaged, taking nearly all of its stress track. The player characters decide to Concede, limping into FTL and escaping but failing to prevent Cerberus from achieving its goals.

5 thoughts on “Simply Accelerated Mass Effect 2.0

    1. I’m happy to hear that provided you with inspiration, James!

      I took a look at your OP, very slick. You’ve added some granularity to it with the stunts – I believe inspired by Jadepunk? I’d be interested to hear about your play experience and how you found Fate helping you bring the Mass Effect universe to life!


      1. Thanks John. Jadepunk is an excellent tool that I had used for Star Wars a while back and it seemed a natural fit for making Assets for Mass Effect. We had our first session last Sunday and so far it is working quite well. Our one combat in the game so far and my players seem to be adjusting to it nicely. One of my players will post the adventure log in the next few days so that might give you an idea of how it went.

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