Simply Accelerated Mass Effect!

Most of the feedback I had for my preview of Mass Effect Accelerated was very positive, but one critique that came up was that it seemed too complex for a game of Fate Accelerated. While I like the level of complexity and granularity I am achieving (as I think it models the video games well with Fate), it definitely isn’t for every Fate GM or player. This inspired me to take a pass at Mass Effect as modeled after the excellent It’s Not My Fault.

Under this scheme, your players would select one Race “card” and once Class “card”. Each Race and Class is an Aspect, three Approaches at +1, and a Stunt. In baseline It’s Not My Fault, players would select two cards and get a third, but for purposes of Mass Effect, simply allow players to choose a third aspect, allocate 3 more points of Approaches (with no approach going over Good +3), and select a third stunt. Give your players 2 or 3 Fate points each, plus a stress track, and you’re ready to go. It can’t get much simpler than that!

Here are eight race options and all six class options to get you started:



Careful, Quick,  Sneaky

Natural Biotic: Gain +2 to Forcefully Create an Advantage when biotically forming mass effect fields, like BARRIER or STASIS FIELD.


Clever, Quick, Sneaky

Total Recall: Once per session, you instantly recall a useful memory or fact as a create advantage with a free invoke.


Clever, Flashy, Forceful

The Indomitable Human Spirit: Once per session, you may beat the odds by succeeding on a roll you just tied or failed.


Flashy, Forceful, Quick

I Am Krogan!: When charging two or more foes, use your rage and overwhelming physique to make a Forceful attack at +1 per foe.


Careful, Flashy, Sneaky

I Can Fix Anything: Gain +2 to Carefully Overcome when making repairs or jury-rigging some piece of technology or machinery.


Clever, Quick, Sneaky

Quickest Thinking: Twice per session, you may use Clever instead of any other approach thanks to your rapid cognitive abilities.


Careful, Clever, Forceful

Universal Combat Training: When invoking aspects to aid in a Forceful attack, gain +3 per invoke instead of the usual +2.



Careful, Flashy, Forceful

Singularity: Once per session, you create advantage to form the SINGULARITY aspect with a free invoke in your zone or an adjacent one. Invoke the SINGULARITY to alter gravity, impede movement, enhance attacks, et cetera.


Careful, Clever, Flashy

Deploy Drone: Twice per session, you may deploy a drone that lets you attempt a task you otherwise couldn’t or add +2 to one of your actions.


Forceful, Quick, Sneaky

Tactical Cloak: Once per session, gain the INVISIBLE aspect with a free invoke. You remain invisible until you take an action other than movement.


Careful, Flashy, Forceful

Tech Armor: Twice per session, reduce the damage of a successful attack made against you by 2.


Careful, Forceful, Quick

Overwhelming Firepower: Once per session, you may make a Forceful attack at full strength against all enemies in a zone.


Flashy, Forceful, Quick

Biotic Charge: Once per session, you may instantly charge an opponent you can see, inflicting the create advantage aspect STAGGERED with a free invoke.

Let me know what you think in the comments or take it for a spin and report back!


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