Sneak Peak: Mass Effect Accelerated!

As some of you are aware, I have been working on a Mass Effect Accelerated homebrew ever since I beat Mass Effect Andromeda. The marriage of the two was a no-brainer for me: I love Fate, and I love Mass Effect. Viola!

Actually…doing it though…a bit more laborious. Thankfully this weekend is a bank holiday weekend in the UK, so I’ve had plenty of time to work on it.

My vision of Mass Effect Accelerated is inspired by the fantastic Dresden Files Accelerated, just as Don Mappin’s excellent Mass Effect RPG (Unofficial) drew from games like The Dresden Files RPG. Unlike Mappin’s work, I decided that class as well as race has a place in bringing the Mass Effect universe to life with Fate: I have structured these similar to mantles in Dresden Files Accelerated. Also, I am drawing on the most recently release for a lot of the stunts used, while structuring each class similarly to how they might have been seen in the trilogy.

Preamble out of the way, lets check out the samples! Today I am showing off the the human race and the Vanguard class:.


Humans are relative newcomers on the galactic stage. Hailing from the planet Earth, they aggressively expanded and experienced a relatively rapid rise among Citadel species. Seen as ambitious and highly adaptable, humans are known for their relentless pursuit of their goals.

Unique Conditions

Tenacity (sticky): [][][][][] This condition has five boxes that represent the famous (or infamous) ‘human spirit’. Mark a box of Tenacity when tapping this well of determination, as described by your stunts. When your resolve is the most direct way to achieve your goals, you may use Tenacity as a unique approach with a bonus of +1 for every unchecked box. The catch is the GM will modify your description to reflect an intractable inability to give-in no matter what.

Broken (lasting): [] You’ve pushed beyond your breaking point and thrown everything you have into a desperate effort. Mark this condition to immediately recover all boxes of Tenacity. While this condition is checked, you have an additional aspect representing your broken resolve. Additionally, you lack the will to persevere – which means Tenacity will not recover – until you have recovered this condition. Begin that recovery through rest and relaxation or by taking on a challenge to reaffirm your humanity; be prepared to spend a session dealing with this issue.

Core Stunts

Relentless Determination: If your resolve can be usefully applied to a situation, you may check boxes of Tenacity as free invokes. You may also check a box of Tenacity to create an aspect, subject to GM approval: for example INSPIRED on a squad of allied soldiers, then order them forward into a tough firefight.

Against All Odds: Check all five boxes of Tenacity to declare that you have overcome the impossible, allowing you to acquire the inaccessible or achieve a goal despite the opposition arrayed against you. The GM is the final arbiter of the results.

Additional Stunts

Mental Toughness: You may mark a box of Tenacity to absorb 2 stress from attacks that represent attempts to cause fear or mental distress.

Systems Alliance Service Member: As a member of the System Alliance Military, once per session you may contact them to request assistance. The GM determines what aid, if any, is given and the cost thereof. If the favor is great, the GM may impose the Indebted condition with multiple boxes checked; you must recover from the condition before again using this stunt.

N7 Training: You have trained as an N7, benefiting from the most elite military training humanity has to offer. Take a +1 when fighting or surviving in extreme environments (like the surface of Tuchanaka or in zero-g).

Augmented: You are a product of significant genetic engineering, cybernetic enhancement, or both. Once per session, you can create a stunt effect on yourself. Work with the GM to determine the specifics, but typically this will not grant more than a +2 bonus to a single roll or +1 bonus to specific rolls through a scene. A particularly powerful manifestation of your augments may also require a fate point to activate. You may take this stunt multiple times; each time allows you to use this stunt an additional time per session.



Feared for their high-risk, high-reward combat style, Vanguards close on enemies quickly, destroying them up close with short-range weapons and biotics.

Unique Conditions

Biotic (special): [x] This box is always marked. You can manipulate dark energy and mass effect fields. In game terms, you may perform any of the four actions with spectacular dark energy effects such as calling up a biotic barrier or hurling a crushing mass effect field at an enemy. If desired, push yourself to increase your biotic effects by checking a stress box for +1 or two boxes for +2 on any biotic action. You may only check two boxes at a time.

Hurt (sticky): [4] Mark this condition to absorb four shifts of physical harm. Recovery requires at least one scene of downtime at full rest, obtaining medical attention, et cetera.

Core Stunts

Siphoning Strikes: Whenever you make a successful melee attack, you may recover a single box of Shielded.

Biotic Transit: Your biotics allow you to move vertically as well as horizontally. Additionally, you may take an additional +1 on full defense actions.

Additional Stunts

Biotic Charge: You may biotically alter your mass and instantly rush an opponent you can see no matter the distance, striking them and inflicting the STAGGERED boost. Recover a box of Shielded. Detonates combo primers. Requires 2 purchased stunts in Vanguard.

Pull: You get +1 when creating an advantage with Focus to biotically LIFT an unshielded and unarmored target. Invoking this aspect allows you to drag the target a zone. Inflicts the PRIMED boost.

Nova: You can release a high-yield explosion in a small radius around you as a Force attack, striking everyone in your zone without splitting the roll.

Shockwave: You blast enemies with a line of explosions as a Force attack, ignoring obstructions such as walls, and striking up to a zone away. Detonates combo primers.

Shotgun Specialist: A successful melee attack adds +2 to your next shotgun attack roll, and a successful shotgun attack adds +2 to your next melee attack roll.

Biotic Strikes: Your hand-to-hand attacks are infused with biotic power, getting a +1 shift on a successful attack.

Barrier Specialist: Once per session, immediately recover your Shielded condition.

Thoughts, questions, comments, concerns: post them below! I look forward to feedback and the chance to run Mass Effect.


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