Minor Talent Mantle, MK. II

Last week, as a part of my celebration of Dresden Files Accelerated’s preorder release, I posted a couple of homebrew mantles. Today I want to revisit one of them: the Minor Talent. I’ve had a chance to work on this one a bit more due to working on a premade character for my next Dresden Files Accelerated game (more to come on that) and this is the result:

Minor Talent

You’re a mortal with a supernatural talent. Create your character per a mortal mantle of your choice, then add the conditions and stunts below. Minor Talent stunts operate at Supernatural scale (p.182).

Unique Conditions

Strained (sticky): [][][][][] Mark one of this conditions five boxes to use your Supernatural Talent. Getting taken out while Strained could have terrible consequences: the GM may determine you pushed too hard, causing a lasting condition (work out the specifics with the GM, including recovery) but clearing the Strained track immediately. Strained is otherwise cleared through dedicated rest and relaxation which clears one box between sessions.

Core Stunts

Supernatural Talent: You possess a single supernatural ability that you may use when marking a box of Strained. Choose a specific preternatural power, such as telepathy (communicating with thoughts), pyrokinesis (creating and controlling fire with the mind), or super speed (moving faster than a human). This manifests as your choice of approach and action that gain the benefit of Supernatural scale (p.182).

Additional Stunts

Major Talent: Your Supernatural Talent is potent, and you get +2 on its action. This stunt may only be taken once.

Paranetter (see p.121)

          You may also choose any additional stunts listed under your mortal mantle.

I have cleaned up the descriptive text for the mantle at the top, in-line with other similar mantles in Dresden Files Accelerated. The Strained condition has been streamlined, with a clear line of danger for using  Supernatural Talent and recovering from that exertion. The Core stunt has been overhauled: it is now called Supernatural Talent, and provides clear instructions on how to make your own (a reskin of the first tier of a Focused Practitioners Magical Talent, essentially). Finally, I have altered the Additional stunt to be a simpler and more effective stunt.

This will be the version that I playtest soon, and I look forward to reporting back to you all. If you’d like to give this mantle a shot at your table, go for it, but make sure to comment below to let me know how it goes!


2 thoughts on “Minor Talent Mantle, MK. II

  1. Hello John,

    very nice work. But one question: in MK I the minor power lasts for the entire scene. How long does it last in this version? Only for one action? Thanks in advance.


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