Star Wars (Fate Core), Redux

This is different than the last time, honest!

In celebration of Rogue One coming to theaters, I will be running a one-shot set in a Galaxy far, far away in mid-December. While there are many options for running Star Wars system wise (such as the popular Fantasy Flight’s Game version), I have decided to keep it “simple” and use a system I know very well: Fate Core.

That said, a few modifications were needed to make it seems like Star Wars and to accommodate potential Force-sensitives. So, over the last week in my spare time, I have create a relatively brief set of rules and stunts to bring in that Star Wars flair, with some inspiration from Fantasy Flight Games as well as Venture City. Take a look:

Character Creation

Standard character creation, but add three additional stunts.



  • Changes
    • Drive is now Pilot
    • Crafts is now Mechanics


Like standard Fate Core, a character is presumed to have the equipment required to use their Skills. However, specialized equipment can be represented by Stunts.


Vehicles and Spaceships

Vehicles and spaceships are treated as extras, each with their own aspects, scale, skills (representing crew), and stunts (representing equipment). When player characters are using vehicles or spaceships, they may substitute their own skills for that of any crew present, and make modifications to the existing equipment using their own stunts.

Example: Rebel Alliance X-Wing

Aspects: T-65B Space Superiority Fighter

Scale: Large

Skills: Astromech – Pilot (+2), Mechanics (+1)


  • “Defender” On-board: The X-Wing is equipped with Chepat’s “Defender” Shield system that reduces Damage by 1 when Hit by Large scale or lesser opponents.
  • Destroyer Busters: The T-65B is armed with a limited supply of proton torpedo’s. Once per scene it can launch an attack that ignores the difference in scale between it and larger targets.
  • Stuntfighter: X-wings are agile space superiority fighters made for dog-fighting that get +2 at creating advantage with Pilot when performing manoeuvres.


Scale in Star Wars

Combat in Star Wars has Rebel troopers against mammoth walkers, space fighters against Star Destroyers. To represent this difference in scope, the Scale rules (as seen in the Fate Toolkit, pg. 67) are employed, with the following scale steps:

  • Personal or the scale of person-to-person combat
  • Small or the scale of small vehicles, air speeders, light artillery and light walkers
  • Large or the scale of heavy artillery and walkers, space fighters, corvettes, frigates, and light cruisers
  • Huge or the scale of cruisers, destroyers, and carriers
  • Titanic or the scale of planetary defense systems, space stations, and superweapons.


Each step of difference in scale confers the following benefits:

  • +1 to the attack roll or +1 to the defense roll
  • Deal +2 shifts of harm on a successful attack or reduce incoming harm by 2

Extra: The Force

Permissions: One aspect, reflecting your sensitivity to the Force.

Costs: Refresh and stunts to buy Force Powers,

Those who are sensitive to the Force, a mystical energy field that permeates everything in the Galaxy, are able channel and manipulate that energy to perform wondrous feats. Force Powers, the arcane abilities of Force-users, are groupings of stunts which allow for those feats.

Force Powers are broken up into their Basic Power and enhancements. Each cost a stunt or point of Refresh to purchase.

The Force Powers are:

  • Influence is the ability to influence the minds of others with the Force, inflicting incapacitating mental stress and altering the thoughts or emotions of others.
    • Basic Power: You can use the Force to exert mental stress on a single target within three zones, using Rapport to Attack (defended against with Will). Characters taken out in this way rendered unconscious.
      • Influence Mastery: You gain +2 when using Influence.
      • Reaching Influence: Your Influence Power reaches targets regardless of distance, so long as they can see or hear you.
      • Mass Influence: You may use your Influence Power on all characters within your range.
      • Manipulate: Your Influence can now alter the thoughts and feelings of a single target within your range. Successfully attacking with Rapport when using Influence allows you to issue a suggestion or order to a Nameless NPC. Named NPC’s and PC’s may opt to take a consequence instead of obeying. Suggestions or commands made with Influence cannot be overtly lethal, as the self-preservation instinct of living beings will override them, and must be simple, such as “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for”.
      • Sway: Your Influence can sway others to your way of thinking, and you may add your Influence Mastery bonus to your Rapport, Provoke, or Deceive rolls.
      • Technopathy: Your Influence Power now works on machines and artificial intelligences.
    • Sense is the ability to sense the Force in the world around the user, perceiving the lifeforms all around them: their condition, feelings, and even thoughts become open to master of this Force Power.
      • Basic Power: The Force allows you to feel all life around you and to sense the feelings of a single target within three zones, using Empathy. If your target knows or suspects you are using this Power on them, they may resist with Will.
        • Sense Mastery: You gain +2 when using Sense.
        • Far Sense: You can use Sense on a target regardless of distance, so long as you can see them.
        • Sense All: You can use Sense on all targets within your range.
        • Sense Thoughts: Your Sense Power can now sense thoughts as well as feelings, using either the Investigate or Notice skills. Investigate allows you to seek deep thoughts, while Notice lets you perceive surface thoughts. If your target knows or suspects you are using this Power on them, they may resist with Will. You may also communicate telepathically with anyone in range.
        • Danger Sense: You can sense danger before it happens, allowing you to use Notice (plus your Sense Mastery bonus) to defend against physical attacks. Additionally, you always act first in physical combat, unless another character has Danger Sense or similar ability.
        • Technosentience: Your Sense Power now applies to machines and artificial intelligence.
      • Move is the ability to use the Force to move objects and effect objects with your thoughts.
        • Basic Power: You can move small objects in your own or adjacent zones without physically touching them. By hurling objects around, you can attack with Will against targets in your zone.
          • Move Mastery: You gain +2 when using Move.
          • Far Move: You can use Move up to three zones away.
          • Hurl: Move effects all objects within your zone.
          • Lift: You may use Move to lift and move objects of any scale.

The Force also tugs at those that are sensitive to it, pulling them towards the Light or the Dark. The Light rewards altruism and self-sacrifice, while the Dark will give power to those who are willing to embrace anger, fear, or hatred. This is represented by the Force Alignment aspect, which starts at Grey. This aspect can be invoked, but more importantly the GM uses this to compel the Force-user in the direction their alignment demands.

As each session progresses, the Force-user is always weighed by their actions: did they save a life or commit a murder, did they lift oppression or cause suffering? If the balance of their actions represents one side or another more, their alignment aspect will change. When player characters are involved, this is a continuous element of the interaction between them, ensuring that the player character is always aware that their actions will have consequences.



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