Willelmus Brant and the Creature in the Shoe-Closet

As apart of a pitch for a Dungeon & Dragons 5th Edition Curse of Strahd PBP game on Mythweavers, I wrote this little piece of fiction for about my character. Enjoy!

“My dear Willelmus, thank you for seeing me so promptly!”

Willelmus Brant, a wizard and junior professor at the College, removed his wide brimmed hat, bowing at the waist and taking up the Lady Corrina’s hand in one swift motion, softly kissing it before rising, “I came as soon as I received your message. What else could I do, for such a lovely flower and dear friend as yourself?”

He placed his hat and coat in the hands of one of the servants, a half-elf by the look of her, and continued, gently holding Corrina’s hand, which was trembling, “Now tell me, what troubles you my lady?”

Corrina leaned in close, clutching his hand tightly, and whispered, “There is…something, in my shoe closet.”

He stroked one fork of his mustache with his free hand, “Something…in your closet?”

“Yes! In the one I use for my shoes. I heard it in there, slithering around.”

Lady Corrina shuddered, drawing her hand from Brant’s as she drew a pale blue shawl tightly around her shoulders. She was clearly unnerved, and as one of the less flighty or hysterical women of high station that he had the pleasure to know, Willelmus was inclined to believe here.

He drew forth his ash-wood wand, proclaiming, “Well if there is something unwholesome about, allow me to investigate and, if necessary, dispose of it on your behalf.”

Corrina’s face broke into a wide, grateful smile, “Oh I knew you would help me Will. Girl!”

The white blond half-elf who had taken his coat appeared as if by magic between him and Corrina, “My Lady?”

“Please escort Wizard Brant to my chambers.”

“Yes my Lady.”

Taking up a candlestick, lighting the wick in a lamp, the servant escorted him up two flights of stairs. She was willowy and, dare he say, beautiful like the elf’s she descended from. Corrina has an eye for beautiful things, he thought, before returning his mind to the task at hand. The elf took Willelmus down a long corridor to a large pair of double doors, gingerly opening one of them to admit him.

He stepped forward, entering Corrina’s room, and extended his hand, incanting, “Lumo.”

A small ball rose from his hand, and he willed it to hover forward into the room. The large, four-post bed lay in front of him. In the center of the room, was a small foot stool and a creme-colored dress crumpled around it. “Corinna was changing for bed, then heard a noise from one of the closets and…”

He turned to the wall opposite the bed, which was lined with three large oak closets. One of them had been barred with a poker.

“I managed to trap it in there,” said the half-elf girl.

“Very brave of you my dear,” he said over his shoulder.

Pointing his wand at the closet, he focused on the iron and moved his wand across the air in a slow, smooth motion. As he did, the rod restraining the closet slid away. The blond-haired girl gasped.

“Sir, I’m not sure that is wise.”

“Fear not, I know what…”

His words were drowned by a squealing sound, like a scream, as the closet door burst open.

* * *

Half an hour later, and after much commotion (which had caused Corinna some alarm as she waited), Willelmus Brant and the young servant stomped slowly down the stairs. They were both covered in some kind of green slime, their clothes pockmarked with black soot marks. Corrina saw them, and put a kerchief over her open mouth.

Brant stopped at the bottom of the stair, scooping the goo from his mustache, “My dear Lady, you may consider your closet free of anything nasty. Alas, I must also report that you will be in need of a new closet and shoes.”


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