All Our Blood: Prologue Recap

I have been running a very energetic play-by-post over on Mythweaver’s: All Our Blood, a chronicle of Vampire the Masquerade, 20th Edition. In my mind, any play-by-post that survives a few months and gets past the opening is a success, but the players here have done a splendid job of keeping my energy up by being awesome. We’ve now moved on to the first chapter, so here is a recap for the Prologue – Sleepless Days and Painful Nights:

Let me begin by introducing the players and their characters, all neonates with at most a handful of years of unlife: Blue Tempest playing the schismatic Assamite Sebastian Celosar, Cirlot playing the Malkavian known as Maric, Doctor Fishman playing the Tremere Walter Soliman, Lord_Leafar playing the Nosferatu “Granny” Agnes Worthington, and Moondragon07 playing the Toreador Shannon Young. Five neonates from wildly different backgrounds and an  unconventional spread of Clans – from the start, group tensions were bound to be high, and I was not disappointed!

Before I go into that, a little background about the chronicle. It is taking place in modern day New York City, in the summer, and is a Camarilla-realm on the verge of civil war. The Sabbat, thought broken in the mid-00’s, stir again on the edges of the domain, waiting for a chance to retake what they believe is rightfully their’s. Other forces conspire within the City: some wish to see it pass to more favorable management, others seek to pursue vendettas both new and ancient, while some seek to preserve the hard-fought order that has come to the City.

It is the latter perspective that the neonates encounter at the bar and upscale club known as The Lavender Room, an Elysium in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. As they sat at their table, far from the main bar and, of course, in the common room, the young Kindred heard a radio broadcast that seemed to perturb Madame de Lisle – the proprietor and Keeper of this particular Elysium:

“The nights have been hot in this City and getting hotter, boys and girls. The air is practically boiling over…thick with anticipation, and if you want a ‘weather’ prediction here is mine: the nights are about explode and things will be red hot. Like blood pumping from a freshly severed artery. But whose veins will bleed first, hm? Stay turned to find out, my children…for I am the Night Lurker and I am watching over you all.”

De Lisle vanished into the backroom, which seethed with ancillae and elders in heated debate. Shannon attempted to use her enhanced senses to hear the topic of the conversation, and though she got a bit of ringing in her ear for her trouble, she did overhear that the Kindred community was split: some wanted simply to pick the best candidate for Prince and back them, while others wanted to impose a settlement on the various claimants. She also learned the name of a vampire that seemed at the center of the dispute: Gabriel Dan Ritter.

GM Comment: Our first rolls of the game! Moondragon07 rolled Auspex and a Willpower roll to overcome the side effects of Heightened Senses. Moondragon07 rolled well, gaining some vital information that Shannon has yet to share with the other neonates, a bit of spite for the Nosferatu’s attitude toward her. The tension was already thick…

As this was happening, the neonate table was approached by a well-dressed man who had previously been seated at the bar in conversation with the proprietress. The man, calling himself Russel, navigated the fractious nature of the assembled neonates, even dealing with bouts of madness from Maric and anger from Sebastian, to make them an offer direct from the Ivory Tower: to meet with a contact called Angel at the Gold Coast Country Club in Glen Cove, Long Island in order to deal with a threat to the very existence of the Camarilla in the New York City.

GM Comment: More tension! Cirlot, Maric’s player, did an excellent job of presenting a vampire on the edge of sanity and haunted by what he believes is the ghost of his sire that he believes he killed. Blue Tempest, Sebastian’s character, did a great job of presenting an angry young kindred still out of touch with the ‘niceties’ of Camarilla society. These two characters don’t seem to like each other very much, but neither of them

But the neonates, still young and with competing agendas, chose to break for the evening, each slinking off to their own havens to consult their sires or their own resources. They left The Lavender Hour as a group, separating outside to go their own way. This proved to be the most dangerous course of action as all but Agnes were almost immediately approached by hostile threats upon exiting the club: Maric was tailed by two men into an alleyway which lead to a decapitated attacker, Walter was followed by an SUV but was able to hideout in an sewer after only getting a little shot, Shannon was given a message and a torn dress from two thugs looking for her sire, and Sebastian was assailed by an Assamite loyal to the Clan establishment. The encounters were fraught, but each of the neonates survived unscathed.

GM Note:  It’s been awhile since I was a Storyteller for this system and I quickly was reminded that it is lethal! Combat is no joke, and the players quickly were reminded of that as their neonates undead bodies took a pounding. Though these encounters were randomly rolled for by me in the background, they did also seem to serve as notice: solving problems with open violence might not always end well for the young Kindred.

Agnes made it back to the section of the New York City Warren that she shared with her sire. Everything seemed normal, until she sent her cat Bandit out to find her sire, Cronenberg . The cat returned with bloody paws, and led her to the older Nosferatu’s destroyed office. Gratefully, she didn’t find her sires remains, but found no other sign of him than the blood. Agnes did recover a USB drive,  and, as sleep tugged at her, she managed to get back to her desktop to see it was encrypted and message the other Nosferatu before sleep took her for the night…

Maric was left worse for the wear after his fight: after disposing of the weapon he used, a golf club he lifted off of passing yuppies, he went on the hunt for fresh clothes and blood. After talking his way into a 24-hour gym, he procured new clothes and found a young, fit thing to feed upon. It took all his restraint not to drain her, and after leaving her blissfully unconscious, he let the reception know about a collapsed young woman upstairs before disappearing into the night…

Shannon  and Walter ended up meeting up at a bar, The Mosaic. Neither of their sires could be found or contacted, and Walter had a bit of a startle when he arrived to where his haven used to be to find it turned into a convenience store.  Inside The Mosaic, Walter was given the location of a safehouse by a Tremere agent, and with Shannon sped way towards it…

After a decisive battle against a fellow assassin, Sebastien returned to his shared haven only to find his sire abandoning it. She had been called away to serve the Clan, and Sebastian was to be left on his own to continue his mission: pursuing schismatic Assamite’s interests within the Camarilla. With that, she left Sebastian alone to deal with his own problems…

Final Thoughts: That was the first ‘session’ of my PBP All Our Blood! I was very impressed by the players and their grasp of their characters. Stay tuned in the next couple of months, as I will recap Chapter One – Unbeating Hearts – when complete!



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