Follow-up: Fairy Tail with Fate

You all might remember my post regarding a system for running magic in Fairy Tail using Fate Accelerated. Well, I had a chance to actually see how it worked and…well…it wasn’t great. It was clunky, and failed to actually address what I was shooting for. Hey, that’s fine, live and learn. It did bring me to a few conclusions however..

Firstly, I should have relied more on narrative conceit to achieve my ends versus systemic mechanics. If you are well experienced with Fate, or have spoken with someone that is, you’ll probably heard them talk about narrative conceit: the concept that, because your game world says it is true, then it is, and nothing else is needed to explain it. For this, what I should have done from the start is simply say “right, you all have aspects that say you’re wizards and maybe speak to your magic, there for you can do magic via Actions & Approaches, taking aspects to improve things as normal”. Nice, simple, and clean.

Secondly, I need to stop chasing the dragon. I’ve had it in my head that I can make an acceptable magic system within Fate. Now, I’m not saying that this isn’t possible for someone else to achieve, but I haven’t been able to get it to work in a way I like mechanically. Again, Fate allows me to use narrative conceit to pull it off, but mechanically I think it is the one thing that Fate can’t do for me, that I find other systems doing better. Perhaps because Fate is my jam that I keep throwing myself at this wall, but I need to stop wasting precious time on it and use Fate’s strengths better.

Thirdly, and this is tied to the above, I actually should have used another system to do this. One that springs to mind is OVA: The Anime RPG. Yea, fancy that, using a system called the Anime RPG to run a game based on an anime/manga…crazy! I too could have achieved what I was looking for in a much cleaner way. It also would have been a perfect opportunity to try out a system I’ve been wanting to use for awhile. See point two  however for why that didn’t happen.

To wrap up, while this was a bit of a failed experiment, like all experiments knowledge was gained. New revelations were had that will hopefully lead to different results in the future. Never be afraid to try something and fail!




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