All Our Blood: Prologue Recap

I have been running a very energetic play-by-post over on Mythweaver’s: All Our Blood, a chronicle of Vampire the Masquerade, 20th Edition. In my mind, any play-by-post that survives a few months and gets past the opening is a success, but the players here have done a splendid job of keeping my energy up by being awesome. We’ve now moved on to the first chapter, so here is a recap for the Prologue – Sleepless Days and Painful Nights:

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Follow-up: Fairy Tail with Fate

You all might remember my post regarding a system for running magic in Fairy Tail using Fate Accelerated. Well, I had a chance to actually see how it worked and…well…it wasn’t great. It was clunky, and failed to actually address what I was shooting for. Hey, that’s fine, live and learn. It did bring me to a few conclusions however..

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