RPGaDay: The Finale

A day late, but not a dollar short, here is my answer to the question: best piece of advice you’ve ever been given for your game of choice?

I can’t pinpoint it to a single person or incident, but the thing I’ve learned about Fate, from discussion and from experience, the thing that can take a lot to get the head around if used to playing other systems is this: don’t be so concerned with how’s and why’s, so long as the narrative is served. Or, to put it from a GM’s perspective: learn to say yes to players.

All this means is that Fate, especially in its current incarnation with Core/Accelerated, is a very permissive system. Between leveraging existing aspects, to creating new ones, to using Fate Points, to having the right stunt there are lots of ways to say “yes” to something your players want to do. More than any other system I’ve played yet, it encourages players to come up with cool stuff to add to the game world, giving them the tools to do it and making it a fundamental part of the games philosophy.

The hardest thing to let go, for me, is needing to explain everything, and I’ve been playing Fate for a solid two years now. I feel once I get to that level, I will have entered a realm purely driven by character and narrative. I’ll let you all know when that happens!

That’s a wrap for this years RPGaDay. Gonna check out Runeslinger’s postscript on the subject and chill. Also, I am back with live play’s this week: Friday I will be playing in the final session of the first arc of Thomas Elmebolm’s fantastic Stargate: Homefront series and I will also be concluding the second arc of the alt-world, post-World War II super hero game I’ve been running on the channel, No Room for Heroes. Come check it out if you have time – times and links are available on the front page of the channel.


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