RPGaDay: Day 25-30

I shall not let a little thing like moving house prevent me from finishing this month of RPG questions. Lets lightning round our way to victory!

Day 25:

Q: What makes for a good character?

A: If you’ve all been keeping up with me, either in this month or in general, you all know I stress the importance of having the right GM and group. Outside of having that seed, that idea that will become your character, having the right GM and party are the most important things to getting a good character going.

Why is this, you might ask as you busily scribble the backstory of your greatest character yet, when there are other elements that make up a good character? That is true, but unless you are well-motivated by your idea and have a group that is willing to allow you to explore that idea, your epic backstory or in-character performance is going to go to waste or worse: actively alienate your group.

Which brings me to a third principle that is super important in making a good character: be flexible. Be willing to take feedback from your GM and fellow players, incorporating that into your execution. Make sure that you allow for events not driven by the character to change that character. Remember, even the most simple game-world isn’t a static play pen for your character to do whatever it wants: it is an active, breathing thing that changes as soon as it makes contact with you and your fellow players. Change with it.

Day 26:

Q: What hobbies go well with RPG’s?

A: I’ll use “hobbies” loosely because, for some, these things are callings that they aspire to do in some professional way. Same thing with RPG’s themselves really: there are folks among us that make money from what others would call a hobby.

Disclaimer out of the way, the arts generally meld well with RPG’s as it is itself art. Writing, drawing/painting, crafts, and acting are all elements that we draw on as we play, and some of us pursue these outside of RPG’s (I myself aspire to novel-writing, and wouldn’t consider it a hobby even if I’m not on a professional-level with it yet). Also, a healthy interest in reading, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, is useful in keeping our minds and imaginations vital (even if you don’t play RPG’s, you should pick up a book and read!).

Day 27:

Q: Most unusual circumstance or location you’ve gamed?

A: I wouldn’t call it unusual, but when I was in grammar school, I’d say probably 5th grade or 6th maybe, I had a group that played at lunch on the playground for a few months. Also, this was made unique by having a female player join for a few sessions, which I recall being quite…interesting…for boys at that age to handle.

Day 28:

Q: Thing you’d be most surprised a friend hadn’t seen or read?

A: Hm…I supposed I’d be shocked if someone played in this hobby and hadn’t at least glanced at a version of D&D, as it is nearly ubiquitous with our hobby. Otherwise, it’s a big hobby and getting bigger everyday, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are plenty of folks out there who haven’t played or read things that I have.

Day 29:

Q. You can game anywhere on Earth, where would you game?

Depends on what I was running, so let me go with what I’ll be running at BrigadeCon: an English castle (at this point in my life, I can take my pick) for Dragon Age and a café in Akihabara for my OVA game, or else a swanky electronic club in LA (either would do).

Day 30:

Q: Describe the ideal game room if budget was unlimited.

A: Fortunately, this can be a very cheap hobby. That said, I’d want a nice table with very comfortable chairs. I’d need a plush sound system that was integrated with an MP3 player for mood. A big fridge/freezer. Some place that was soundproof and away from the rest of the fam so my players and I could make as much noise as we wanted. Oh…and a Star Trek-style transporter pad, that way I can beam my players to my place from anywhere in the world (and they are all over the world), since we’re shooting for the moon.

That’s me all caught up! Woo!!! Come back tomorrow for the final question: Best advice you’ve every given someone for your game of choice?


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