RPGaDay: Day 24 – Game Most Likely to Gift?

Yes…yesssss…YESSSSS! The opportunity I’ve been waiting for. To talk about a system so worthy of your money that each of you will fall over each other as you scream “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY” at computer screens (or preferred local-friendly-game store). Drum roll please…OVA: The Anime RPG, I choose you!

Wait, what? But John, you say, aren’t you a Fate guy? Don’t you secretly shill for Evil Hat? What is this conspiracy!?

Well, yes, Fate is my go-to system: if I have an idea that doesn’t have its own system or is a system I don’t like, Fate is the generic system I’ll use to get it done. I’m also a big fan of several Evil Hat properties and one or two Fate-based games that are up-and-coming from third parties. I could have easily said “go out and buy The Dresden Files RPG’s books for the art and in-character narrative alone”.

But I didn’t. OVA: The Anime RPG deserves some spotlight, and since I’ll be running it at this years BrigadeCon, it is as good a time as any to tell you all to check this one out.

OVA has a lot of what I love in a system: it is clean and simple, easy to use, and clearly puts narrative ahead of simulation. I could teach someone OVA in ten minutes, and probably have a basic character made for them in another ten (and I may very well do that after I move house, but before BrigadeCon on the old YouTube channel). Beyond the text brings out its anime sensibilities, allowing us as GM’s and players to explore that genre and the many worlds within it. It also doesn’t hurt that the art style is top-notch. I would definitely give it as a gift to someone.

If you like anime and easy-to-use narrative systems, I’d invite you to check out OVA! Also check back tomorrow as we entire the final stretch  in RPGaDay with this heady question: what makes for a good character?


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