RPGaDay: Days 20-23

Another lighting round! Like I mentioned in my last post, doing a bit of a move right now which is making everything crazah! Without further ado, the questions I’ve missed:

Day 20: most challenging yet rewarding system? Those of you who know me as a gamer best know I tend towards rules lightish systems and actively avoid those systems with a lot of mechanics. That said, I did spend the last couple of years intimately learning and playing The Dresden Files RPG, which for a Fate-based game is quite rules heavy. They have a jankiness to them that is smoothed out in the more recent additions of the system, and while I will gladly be switching to Dresden Files Accelerated (assuming it is as good as the buzz I’ve heard). But I will always remember the system, and the many excellent sessions I ran with it, fondly.

Day 21: funniest rules misinterpretation in your group? Again, I tend to play games with that is rules light or simple. Any rules misinterpretations I can think of either turned into amazing learning opportunities or unmitigated disasters. I don’t tend to look on these situations with levity, as a result.

Day 22: supposedly random game events that keep reoccurring? Interesting question, but not something I have an example to put to. I’m more intrigued by what the question could be speaking to: are we talking about GM/player predilections, are we talking about events that keep happening and turn into a running theme or joke, or are we talking about some sort of “random event fallacy”? I welcome others thoughts on this in the comments below.

Day 23: worst luck stories? My stories tend to swing towards “hey this was a positive gaming experience that everyone enjoyed” to “the kind of horror show that causes people to quit the hobby”. Also, I will quote one of the more famous “old wizard” characters and say this: in my experience, there is not such thing as “luck”.

Not a great set of questions, for me at least. However, tomorrow roars in with a great one: what is the game you are most likely to give to others? My answers will likely not surprise, but I’ll try and dig a little deeper anyway.


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