RPGaDay: Day 18 – Future Innovations?

Today’s question asks: what innovations do you think the could help the hobby?

Great question, given we’re living through a phase of innovation at the moment, both in what we value as roleplayers, how that reflects in the game mechanics we create, and in the technology available to us to facilitate our play.

Ten years ago I couldn’t have imagined that I’d be playing live with focus all around the world from the comfort of my own home, but that is where we all today: technology has made our hobby space smaller. It has also made it a more full, some might say crowded world, as technology has also eased the constraints on creating and publishing RPG content. Technology has also raised the profile of the hobby, with popular blogs and YouTube channels getting what we do out there to more and more people – RPGaDay being an example of this itself.

Why am I harping on technology? Because I believe continuing innovation in that space is what is going to continue to elevate and grow this hobby. On a meta-level, I would like to see more high speed internet available in more places and cheaply (none of this monopoly nonsense companies like Comcast keep trying to pull back home).

Within the hobby itself, I would like to see more stable and easy to use platforms upon which to game: I use Google Hangouts, primarily, and I can’t go a session with out some technical issue, large and small. That goes for dice rollers too, with the exception of Fate Roller, I always have issues with the ones I use…but then, that could also be a Hangouts issue!

When it comes to the actual nuts-and-bolts of our hobby, I’m less inclined to comment on what innovation we need. We’re living in an amazing time for games and game systems, and it is always hardest to know what a person wants until it is presented to them. The next great thing in RPG’s will likely come out of nowhere, and none of us will know that we wanted it until we’re consuming it voraciously and asking for me.

That’s my two-cents for today’s question. Tomorrow asks us: best way to learn a new game? Oh yea…that’s a good one…be back for the answer tomorrow!


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