RPGaDay: Day 10-12

Condense…connnndeennnse! Been real busy, and tonight I have a live session (woot!). Gonna make this short, sweet, and to the point.

Day 10 asked: biggest surprise a player has ever pulled? This is going back to the beginning of The Adventures of Alex Blackheart and Kaden Nuru, the first full series I ran live and put on to YouTube: How the Outsiders Stole Christmas. The conclusion of that was not only hugely surprising, but impacted every session that has come since in the series (a real meaty moment): not only did the dynamic wizarding duo choose to kill – with their magic – the Denarian-possessed Stensen, but they both reached for the coin afterwards (and only one of them didn’t have much of a choice in the matter). That’s definitely had an impact!

Day 11 asked: which gamer affected the way you play the most? Interesting question. I can’t point to one single person and say “them, they did it!”. Instead, I want to acknowledge and thank certain key folks. An old friend who introduced me to the hobby when I was a wee boy. The folks at the various online forums I played in through high school that kept me gaming when I had no one else to play with. To the Gentleman Gamer and Samwise7 who kept me going with their recaps and videos before I knew there were any other options. To the RPG Brigade who got me gaming live for the first time in twenty odd years. Finally,to my current players (you know who you are) – each of you has helped me grow as a GM, and I hope to keep playing with you guys.

Day 12 asks: what game is your group most likely to play next? Currently, I’ve got three little play-by-posts cooking, but for live play: I hope to wrap up the current series of my alt-world supers game using Fate Core/Venture City in September before I go on vacation. For October and BrigadeCon, I hope to run a few games that are still in the release pipeline: the Dresden Files Accelerated and the AGE remake of Blue Rose. I also think I said to Runeslinger that I’d try something diceless, so we’ll see.

Tomorrow I will definitely be back for day 13’s question: what makes a successful campaign?


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