RPGaDay: Day 9 – What Goes into Making a Good Session?

Day 9 of #RPGaDay comes with another great question: what, other than the game system, goes into making a good session? This is a question that has many, many answers: here are some that apply to me.

First things first: having a good idea. Whether this be a hook for a story or the kernels of ideas for a whole world, a good idea is necessary to get my blood pumping and get me wanting to play games. After I’ve come up with a good idea, I need to find the right players to go on that journey with (something I am thankful to say, the RPG community on Facebook and YouTube has enabled me to find regularly). Finally, a good session is born from the cooperation and mutual storytelling of its participants: when a group is on the same page, the session makes itself.

These answers might seem, broad, or generic, but to me these are the most essential elements that go into making a good session, other than picking the right system. If I messed these up, my session would surely be on the path to disaster.

That’s it for day 9! Come back tomorrow for day 10’s question: what is the largest in game surprise you’ve experienced?


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