RPGaDay: Day 8 – Hard, Soft, or Digital?

Week two of our month long journey into our RPG selves has begun with a nice easy softball pitch: do you prefer hardcover, softcover, or digital when buying RPG books.

I actually prefer two of the three and actively avoid the third: I use digital formats for my normal gaming needs, I collect in hardcover, and I avoid softcover unless I get them on a deal (and in good condition). Properly laid out PDF’s, with bookmarks, have a huge advantage for me in that they can never disintegrate from use and have handy dandy bookmarks already included. Still, there is something about having a mighty hardcover on the shelf: the look, the feel, the smell…mm. I’m not likely to phase out the dead-tree format entirely anytime soon.

Looking in my crystal ball, hardcover wise, I would like to grab Dragon Age and Blue Rose (the upcoming version using AGE), the upcoming Dresden Files Accelerated, and the latest Changelings (World and Chronicle of Darkness versions). Things to look forward to!

Speaking of things to look forward to, keep your eyes here for Day 9 and its question: what things, other than the game itself, goes into making a good session? Another heavy-hitter that I look forward to addressing soon!


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