RPGaDay: Day 7 – Biggest Effect RPG’s Have Had on You?

Another day, another great question. Today’s is particularly hard hitting: what aspect of RPG’s have had the biggest impact on you?

I’m going to cheat and provide two answers to this question. Firstly, I feel that the cooperative elements of RPG’s have made me better able to manage working in groups elsewhere in my life. As a perpetual GM, I’ve had to learn to better manage peoples expectations, the individual needs and wants of the group, all while keeping in mind the group’s overall enjoyment in a most subjective medium. This has translated into greater awareness of these elements in other areas of my life, and to a greater patience than I could say I had even a few years ago.

Secondly, the spontaneous nature of RPG’s, the action and reaction, has allowed me to express organic storytelling and has thus made me a better storyteller overall. This may be cliche, but like many others in our community RPG’s are not my only other creative outlet: I write (not as much as I should!) and tell stories. RPG’s have served as a crucial release valve when I am stuck in writing, and its lessons translate back to that medium for me.

It is safe to say that, despite its challenges, that I would not be who I am in many ways without this hobby. A great question to cap the first week of RPGaDay! Tomorrow: hardcover, softcover, or digital – what is your preference? Check back for the answer!


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