RPGaDay: Day 5 & 6 Double Feature

Hey folks, didn’t forget about our glorious cause yesterday, but I am doubling up because, frankly, Day 5 for me has very little in the way of an answer for the question of: what stories are told about your character by your group? Well, as the GM 9 times out of 10, I few characters stories and not a traditional ‘group’ to tell them.

So,  instead of me answering this question, I’d like to put it back out to the folks who have played with me: what cool or fun or silly story do you have to share about a character I’ve played? Feel free to comment below, or else where, and let me know!

Day 6’s question, however, I will answer, and that question is: what is the most amazing thing a game group did for their community? For me, and this has touched me personally, it is the original architects of BrigadeCon (and those who still keep the lights on). They brought our online community together in away that hadn’t been done before previously and they did it all while raising money and awareness for Child’s Play: providing sick and needy kids with distraction through a tough time in their lives.

I’m proud to say I’ve been a part of it the last couple of years and I’m looking forward to doing so again this year. If you’re new to BrigadeCon, check it out! Want to learn more about Child’s Play, take a look at their site to learn more about their worthy cause. Check back here, tomorrow, for day 7’s question: what aspect of RPG’s has had the biggest impact on you?



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