RPGaDay: Day 4 – Most Impressive Thing Another Character Has Done?

Past the midway point of the first week of #RPGaDay, and today’s question is: most impressive thing another character has done?

Big question for me, seeing as I GM primarily, and have the benefit of looking back and enjoying the character performances, instead of having to really focus on my own. I’ve had a ton of great moments from my players, and it’s really hard to choose a single moment that is absolutely the most impressive.

However, the series with the most great moments was certainly Wanted: Heroes. One of the most memorable and impressive moments in that series came early on. Dr. Tobias Hutton Mulville III had submerged during a battle between the alien Beacon of Justice, pursuing the fallen alien. Battle resumed on the surface between Warren Harper, Brendon O’Grady and Nazi forces.

Steamhammer managed to find what the heroes had originally come from: the original Beacon of Hope’s space vessel. Unable to enter the vessel, the doctor in the steam-powered armor decided to return to the surface. Seeing that fresh battle had been given, Dennis playing as Steamhammer decided to join it in spectacular fashion: using the steam jets attached to the armor, he shot out of the water, hurtled through the air, and crashed into the German ubermensch that had Harper on the ropes. It was a super cool moment that capped that particular combat, and a moment that has stuck with me.

But Wanted: Heroes was filled with moments like these, so check it out! Come back here tomorrow for the 5th question of RPGaDay: what story does your group tell about your character?


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