RPGaDay: Day 3 – Proudest Character Moment?

RPGaDay is rolling into its third day, which asks: what was your proudest character moment? Now, I don’t get a chance to play a lot, but if I am to recount a single moment it would be in a session of Lamentations of the Flame Princess ran by Fantastic Dimensions.

This story requires a little prefacing: Lamentations, for those who aren’t already aware, is quite lethal. Combat can be punishing unless one engages in tactics. When the moment that is my answer arrived, I had played maybe half a dozen sessions of Lamentations and had a better feel of the flow of the games. That said:

In the session in question, I played as a fighter named Chase. As the party and I reached a subterranean reservoir in an abandoned dwarven city, we encountered zombie dwarves within abandoned submarines. I engaged in combat with two-four zombie dwarves, wielding two blades at once.

Thus the Parry Dance began: I think it was four or five rounds of me parrying, not dying, and making it out of the fight alive to which I exalted mightly out-of-character, on camera. Like I said, Lamentations is lethal, and I was so thrilled that my tactic had lead to Chase’s survival for another scene, at least.

Check back tomorrow, where I will be answering the question: what is the most impressive thing another character has done?


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