RPGaDay: Day 2 – Best Session?

Day two of RPGaDay and another question. Today’s is a tough one: what has been the best since the last RPGaDay in August 2015. I’ve ran a lot of games, played in a few, so for me this was a challenging one. However one series stands out in my mind, and it’s finale was as meteoric in the changes it wrought on player characters as it was explosive – Wanted: Heroes and its fifth session which brought that series to a close.

Now I’ve already recapped it here (forgive the poor audio, that was a week of technical issues on my end), but it bears repeating that my players for that series: Dennis, Ian, and Thomas, were and are amazing. In this series they had some of the best character performances I’ve seen yet in my roleplaying career. They lived in these characters skins, and the changes we observed in them in the five sessions were tangible. There performances, the way they treated their characters and the world we had all created, was truly stellar.

I’m happy to report that the adventures of Dr. Mulville, Brendon O’Grady, and Warren Harper continues in No Room for Heroes, joined by John Lamb as Toad – a former Polish soldier turned Nazi experiment – as they deal with the consequences of that fifth session of Wanted:Heroes. Check it out if you have time and I will be back tomorrow for Day 3 of RPGaDay, in which I will answer the question: what character moment am I proudest of?


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