RPGaDay: Day 1 – How do you roll?

Today is the start of RPGaDay! Get out your noisemakers, it’s time to parrtaaahhh…and talk about tabletop RPG’s.

The first question is a simple one: how do you roll? Do you use real dice or dice apps? Do you eschew dice entirely? The people must know!

For me, there is nothing like the feeling of real dice in your hands, the sound of them tapping and rolling against the table as you wait in anticipation for the result. That said, I role-play exclusively online, and have for years. For most of my gaming career, its been forums: once upon a time, I gamed through Dragonmount in a freeform and diceless Wheel of Time RP experience. Nowadays, I use Myth Weavers for play by post games and Google Hangouts for live sessions: the ‘weave has built in dice code and I use various dice apps through Google Hangouts (when they work).

I can say for certain that I prefer having some dice mechanics in my RPG – else, for me, I feel it loses one of the essential elements that allows it to be called a game. That said, I may be trying some published diceless come this years BrigadeCon…we’ll see how that goes.

Stay tuned, the month of #RPGaDay is only getting started. Tomorrow’s question: what has been my best game session since August, 2015?

Wanna see and hear more of me? Check me out on YouTube! 


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