Fairy Tail with Fate Accelerated

Long have I tinkered. Long have I toiled. Long have I sought a way to simply bring stories set in Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail to the table. Until yesterday, a breakthrough: a simple way of using Fate Accelerated to make something that feels close to the fiction.

So throw on the theme song and check it out:

Magic in Fairy Tail

  • Decide what kind of magic you use, what it can do, and name it
  • Each Magic power gets two aspects free of charge – a Type aspect and a Taboo The Type aspect says what the magic does and the Taboo aspect is a rule that can’t be broken when using the magic
  • Spells are handled as Stunts tied to the Magic power, at their normal cost
  • Additional Taboos can be taken, each one reducing the cost of Stunts tied to the power. Taboos cannot reduce the cost the Magic’s Stunts below 1 Refresh.
  • To use your Magic, choose an action and roll one of your Approaches to make the magic happen! Example: The Blue Rocket is on a job in the mountains along the Fiore-Veronica border when they are ambushed by a rival guild, and decides to blow away the offending wizards by forming a bazooka that fires explosive blue rockets – a Forceful Attack.
  • Wizards gain a special set of Conditions that allow them make their spells more powerful. The Conditions are: Tapped for fleeting, Drained for sticky, and Emptied for lasting. These Conditions don’t absorb stress, but the wizard may inflict them on themselves in order to gain extra bonuses on a spell roll. They may inflict as many Conditions as they’d like on a given roll.

Easy, right? Let’s take a look at an example:

The Blue Rocket, a well-known wizard from the Salamander’s Legacy Guild, is about to take center stage in a new adventure. Their player needs to design the type of Magic Blue Rocket uses: they already have the High Concept covered with The Wizard Known as the Blue Rocket. The player decides that moniker is important, and is tied into Rocket’s Magic. They’re also a big fan of Creation Magic, seen in the hands of regular cast member Gray Fullbuster from the anime/manga. 

This leads the player to decide on Fire-Make Magic – the Blue Rocket is known for creating stunning constructs made from a distinctive blue flame, especial constructs in the shape of rockets. They take the Type aspect Caster-Type: Fire Creation Magic and the Taboo Creation Magic Becomes Unstable Without Two-Hands. The Blue Rocket also decides to add a second Taboo – Fire Fizzles Out in Water – which allows them to take up to four spell Stunts on their Fire-Make Magic.

Speaking of spells, the Blue Rocket decides on the following Stunts:

  • Fire-Make: Rocket-Launcher. Because you can Fire-Make a bazooka that launches flaming blue rockets you get a +2 when attacking Forcefully at a distance.
  • Fire-Make: Rocket Skates. Because you can Fire-Make skates that propel you around at great speed you get a +2 when overcoming Quickly when running. 
  • Fire-Make: Tiny Little Missiles. Because you can Fire-Make many tiny blue missiles that melt what they contact you can place the Burning aspect with a free invoke on an opponent you’ve successfully attacked.
  • Fire-Make: Rocket Ship. Because you can Fire-Make a blue rocket ship, once per game you can show up when and where want, no matter where you started, so long as you could fly there. 

That’s it! I am hoping to have a chance to play around with it in the near future, but if you are a fan of Fairy Tail and Fate, let me know your thoughts.


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