#RPGaDay 2016 Hype

The time has nearly come again, Runeslinger says, to talk of many things: of dice, and RPG’s, of characters and plots! Of why we play these games we love, and how imagination gives us wings.

This year, Runeslinger over at Casting Shadows (blog and YouTube) is letting us all know about an amazing chance to participate in the RPG community: #RPGaDay. Starting on August 1st, by blog or vlog or other social media, we have been called upon to answer a series of questions related to the hobby. This is the perfect opportunity for all members of the community to share their experiences!

So if you’re normally a voyeur about all this social media business or a bit on the shy side, I encourage you to seize the month of August to be heard, to enrich us all with your answers, and to have fun!

You can look out for my own participation here, and over at my YouTube Channel, starting in August.

RPGaDay 2016 is starting again on August 1st!

via August is Coming~ — Casting Shadows


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