Personal Log: Kanen Savage, 13 May 1998

Journal Entry for Kanen Savage, from Stargate: Homefront, written by Dennis Kellogg:

Personal Log

Kanen Savage, 1st Lieutenant U.S. Air Force, Covert NID Agent.

Currently assigned to Stargate Command

 Entry Date: 13 May 98

Unit Personnel

Captain Marcus Taylor continues to be an asset in our missions assigned by Stargate Command. Despite our intervention on his behalf, Daniel Taylor has proved to be a complication, and potential vulnerability for Marcus. He is currently in the custody of the SGC, and it will be necessary to utilize my NID contacts in an attempt to ascertain his current activities, and those since his recuse from the cult, in order to evaluate the impact of his presence on Marcus, our current mission as well as my first priority, locating my brother.

Jessie “JJ” Jackson has proven to be a valuable resource. She has unique skills, but I am unsure of her commitment to the team and our mission, due to the circumstances of her joining the SGC. It will be necessary to keep a close eye on her.

Maximillian Wellington II was useful to me in the past, but now proves to need constant supervision. As a civilian he seems to lack the basic understanding of the scope of our mission and the need to remain covert in our actions. He might be better utilized in a non-field position, until then, he will need to be watched and guided.

Given current circumstances, and the dichotomy between my duties to the SGC and the NID, I am considering taking Marcus into my confidence. While I do not wish to compromise my loyalty to the SGC, the NID, and my team, finding my brother is a quest I cannot allow to be hindered. I may be able to use the situation with his cousin to my advantage in my quest.


  • I have been able to maintain my covert NID status without much trouble, however, at least once I have caught Max attempting to surreptitiously observe me.
  • Due to the appearance of Marcus’ cousin, we were unable to enter the Visitor center. It is imperative that I gain entry. Not only for the sake of the current mission, but to ascertain what part they may play in regards to the disappearance of my brother, as well as determine if these are indeed the spirits which visited my Cree ancestors.
  • The delay in entering the Visitor center complicates my apprehension of the local resistance leader. Although this is an assignment from my NID handler Colonel Andrews, the information possessed by the resistance might be valuable to me as well.



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