Mission Report from May 13th, 1998 – Operation Sweeper: Personal Notations of Captain Marcus J. Taylor

May 13th, 1998

Mission Report – Operation Sweeper

Captain Marcus J. Taylor, Reporting

Additional Comments:

          Although we have been re-tasked, my team’s successes and failures during this phase of Operation Sweeper warrant further comment:

          Team member J.J’s. performance during this mission was exemplary. Without her, my team would not have gained access to the internal surveillance at the Denver Visitor Center, nor would we have an open door to gain access to the facility whenever we’d like. She continues to prove her value as an asset, and I am confident, as ever, in her inclusion to the team. With additional training, and a little coaxing, I believe she can become a full-fledged member of the SGC.

          Regrettably, and I must draw attention to my earlier on-record concerns, I cannot say the same about the good Doctor. Though extremely knowledgeable and competent within his purview, he has continued to show an inability to operate within the chain of command. Furthermore, he demonstrates a cavalier attitude towards precaution and necessary secrecy that borders on reckless, as demonstrated in the incident described above. I strongly recommend that he be removed from the field and placed somewhere at the Mountain where his skills would be more suited.

          This brings me to Lieutenant Savage, who proved yet again that he is a fine officer. Without Kanan, the team would have been comprised on multiple occasions during the mission. Also, he has proven to be a valuable asset for me, as his field experience outstrips my own.

          On a more personal note, I must express deep gratitude to Stargate Command, its commanding officer, and the amazing medical staff here at the Mountain on behalf of myself and my family, for the fine care my cousin, Daniel Taylor, is currently receiving. I don’t know why he was in that alleyway, or why he felt such a compulsion to launch an attack on the Visitor Center. However, pursuant to our new operational objectives, I will find out.

Want to see what brought Marcus to these conclusions? Check out the full session here!


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