Stargate, Powered by Fate: Skills, part 4

The final three skills – Medicine, Program, and Survival – are here!


         Medicine is applied care and maintaining of biological lifeforms. Physical examines, diagnosing ailments, treating problems and illnesses, first aid, surgery, use of medical tools and technology, and long-term care are all covered by this skill. Emergency first responders, doctors, and combat medics are all well-rated in Medicine.

  • Overcome: Medicine is used to diagnose and address physical and mental health issues. It is also used for in-depth knowledge of particular fields of medicine or of illnesses. Medicine can also modify and remove consequences per the recovery rules.
  • Create Advantage: Used this way, Medicine can boost a person’s health. Medical research can also be used to derive aspects. Causing ill health or creating poisons are other uses of Medicine.
  • Attack: Medicine isn’t used to attack.
  • Defend: Medicine cannot be used to defend.

Medicine Stunts

Forensics: You may use Medicine in place of Investigate when noticing or interpreting information based on forensic clues.

Medical Technician: You may use Medicine instead of Hardware to operate medical technologies.


         Program is the knack for writing and modifying software code. Writing new programs, modifying or patching existing software, breaking copy protection, finding or introducing exploitable flaws, writing viruses or worms, and designing virtual environments all fall within this skill. Programmers, hackers, and technologists all make heavy use of this skill.

  • Overcome: Overcome actions with Program include efforts to create or modify existing code to patch unintentional holes or intentional exploits, break protections, etc. Program can also be used to give complex orders to bots or other synthetics that aren’t under direct control.
  • Create Advantage: Software you create with Program can provide many kinds of advantages, either immediately, on a delay, or set to a trigger. Certain forms of fabrication, such as with 3D printers or other similar technologies, can use Program to produce objects or create blueprints.
  • Attack: Program is not normally used to attack.
  • Defend: Program isn’t used to defend.

Program Stunts

Reprogrammer: You gain +2 on Program roles when reprogramming existing software or synthetics.

Security Expert: You may use Program instead of Intrusion when protecting a system from hackers.


         Survival is focused on the ability to endure and thrive in various environments with wits and training, whether in a crowded city or in a natural environ. It also includes training and handling of animals.

  • Overcome: Survival is used to overcome environmental obstacles, such as rough terrain or finding shelter. It also covers basic field medicine.
  • Create Advantage: Survival can create aspects based on observing the environment: finding escape routes, noticing someone in a crowd, or tracking. It can also be used to declare advantageous spots in the environment. Finally, any manipulations of the environment, such as making traps or building shelter, is covered by this skill.
  • Attack: Survival isn’t used to attack, but it may indirectly harm via the creation of traps.
  • Defend: Survival can be used to defend against Infiltration ambush attempts or to discovery observation.

Survival Stunts

Animal Empathy: You gain +2 when using Survival to calm, provoke, train or manipulate animals.

Direction Sense: You gain +2 when using Survival to navigate, deal with directions, read maps, or retrace your steps.

Tomorrow, Saturday May 7th, will be the first play test of the rules for Stargate, Powered by Fate. It’ll be ran by Thomas Elmebolm, and hosted here on my channel. Come check it out!


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