Stargate, Powered by Fate: Skills, part 3

Game time on Saturday! Only three more skills sufficiently changed enough to warrant a write-up, look for that tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s Infiltration, Intrusion, and Linguistics.


          Infiltration is the art of avoiding detection, whether moving unseen or hiding, sleight of hand, and creating misdirection. Military special operations soldiers, thieves, and para-military forces all regularly employ Infiltration.

  • Overcome: Infiltration is used to get past situations that depend on being unseen. This covers physically hiding or moving with stealth to avoid detection. This covers escaping, but it also covers following others without being noticed. Additionally, it encompasses sleight of hand tricks that rely on deft manipulations, obfuscation, timing, and misdirection. These actions are opposed by Notice. Finally, it can be used to avoid leaving evidence as you pass through a place or similar actions.
  • Create Advantage: Infiltration is used to create aspects on the infiltrator, setting up the perfect attack or ambush. It can also be used with technology, to aid the infiltrator or others, by assessing or exploiting blind spots in the technology.
  • Attack: Infiltration isn’t used to attack.
  • Defend: Infiltration can be used to foil Notice attempts to pinpoint position or reveal the infiltrator, as well as throw off the scent of Investigate or Survival attempts to track you.

Infiltration Stunts

Counter-Forensics: You are adept at sanitizing the scene of an operation or a crime. Assuming you have the appropriate tools, you gain a +2 on Infiltration actions to alter or conceal physical evidence.

Face in the Crowd. +2 to any Stealth roll to blend into a crowd. What a “crowd” means will depend on the environment—a subway station requires more people to be crowded than a small bar.


         Intrusion covers electronic, digital, or cybernetic forms of breaking and entering, hacking, encryption and decryption, and all forms of counter intrusion. It also allows for aggressive interaction in digital or cyberspace. Hackers, futurists, and counter-intelligence operatives are likely to be adept at Intrusion.

  • Overcome: Intrusion allows for the overcoming of obstacles as related to hacking or protecting electronic devices, systems, and networks.
  • Create Advantage: Intrusion enables the user to ‘case’ a system, determining how hard it’ll be to crack and what kind of security is in place, as well as potential vulnerabilities. It also allows for the examining of other hacker’s work, determining how they circumvented security, or if they left any traces behind. In digital or cyberspace, or when a synthetic is being hacked, it allows for the creation of advantages to represent tactics or countermeasures being deployed against the intrusion.
  • Attack: Intrusion can be used to attack in digital or cyberspace, as an attack against large technological constructs via their various systems, or remotely against synthetic lifeforms as a form of hacking.
  • Defend: Intrusion can defend against attacks in digital or cyberspace, or defend against systemic attacks by hackers; synthetic lifeforms can use it to defend against harmful attacks against their functions.

Intrusion Stunts

Black Hat Hacker Maestro: You gain a +2 when using Intrusion to hacking remotely into digital systems.

Cryptanalysis Specialist: You gain a +2 when using Intrusion analyze information systems and breach cryptographic security.


         Linguistics is the capacity for understanding language, in all of its forms. This is commonly used in translation or deciphering work. Diplomats, spies, and archaeologists typical possess great facility in this skill.

  • Overcome: Linguistics can be used to translate a language on the fly. The difficulty for such tasks generally depends on how quickly the translation needs to be done and if the translator is under duress at the time. This makes this type of activity ideal for Challenges.
  • Create Advantage: Deciphering an unknown or archaic language or performing linguistic research. It can also be used in social contexts, such as first contacts or negotiations ease tensions and build rapport.
  • Attack: Linguistics isn’t used to attack.
  • Defend: Linguistics isn’t used to defend.

Linguistics Stunts

Ear for Languages: You gain a +2 when using Linguistics to understand or decipher spoken language.

Xenolinguistics: Select an alien language. You gain +2 to any Linguistics roll involving that language


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