Captain Marcus Taylor (Stargate: Homefront Character)

This Saturday, March 7th, I will be playing in the first session of Thomas Elmebolm’s Stargate: Homefront three-shot. I’m really excited to be apart of it. On Saturday, I will be playing Captain Marcus Taylor, a United States Air Force JAG officer assigned to Cheyenne Mountain. Here’s a look at his sheet, pending any last minute changes:

Captain Marcus Taylor, Esquire

High Concept: Stargate Command’s JAG Officer

Trouble: Cocky Son-of-a-Bitch

Extra Aspect One: Victoria Aut Mors

Extra Aspect Two: The Ladies Love a Winner

First Adventure: Freedom Isn’t Free, Breaking Shackles

Guest Starring One: Everyone Has a Trigger, from J. J’s Offer You Can’t Refuse Adventure

Guest Starring Two: I Want the Truth, from Incident at Cheyenne Mountain Adventure


Superb +5: Bureaucracy

Great +4: Academics, Investigate

Good +3: Deceive, Provoke, Reputation

Fair +2: Athletics, Empathy, Fight, Physique

Average +1: Intrusion, Linguistics, Notice, Shoot, Will


Lawyer [-1]: You gain +2 on any Academics roll involving law.

Criminologist [-1]: You gain +2 on any Academics roll involving criminology

Fighting Style – USAF CQC:

  • Tactical Awareness [-1]: You may use Fight instead of Notice to determine initiative in close quarters combat.
  • Unarmed Specialist [-1]: You gain +2 when using Fight in unarmed hand-to-hand combat.
  • Hip Throw: When you succeed with style on a Fight attack, you may place the situation aspect Taken Down with a free invoke

Attention to Detail. You can use Investigate instead of Empathy to defend against Deceive attempts. What others discover through gut reactions and intuition, you learn through careful observation of micro expressions.

Stress: Physical – OOOOO, Mental – OOOOO

Refresh: 3

Fate Points: 3

Come check out the game on Saturday, or stay posted to this blog for a recap of my experience following the game.

EDIT 05/06/2016: Modified Aspects at GM request.


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